Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to Speed Up Your Samsung Android Mobile

It’s a big issue when you were using your mobile for more than a year; yes of course, if you were using your android mobile for more than a period of time, it starts to slow down and lag when you were performing an important work or a task in your android device. When you hit the home screen button, your android device will hangs for a while and gives you lots of trouble. In this post, Mono-live.com has brought you an awesome information regarding how to speed up your Samsung android mobile within few minutes and also you can use this tips in any android devices that you have. There are few tips that make your device to work like newer mobile, and here they goes;

1. Clear Your Cache: This will be the first and foremost step that allows you to reduce the size of the cache memory that has been stored in the android device. Cache is a temporary memory that allows you to store the temporary files in your android devices. Mostly each and every application that is found in the device will use some cache memory for their performance. Clearing that cache memory will speed up the device and also gives more space for the other program to work more efficiently. If you want to clear the cache memory, go to settings then application and there you can clear the cache memory for each and every application that is running in your mobile devices.

2. Remove Widgets from your Home screen: The Widgets and the shortcuts that are present in the screen of the android devices will consume the memory space and also it will consume some part of processors memory. In the meantime, it will increase the memory capacity of the device. So make sure that, the number of widgets and the shortcuts on the homescreen is very less in number. You can simply remove them by long pressing them and move it to the deletion area.

3. Disable the unused applications in your android devices: By Disabling the unwanted or unused applications in the android devices will reduce the memory space in your mobile and also allows the processor to work more efficiently. If you have rooted your mobile, then you can easily remove the system applications that are coming along with the android devices. You can easily remove all unwanted and unnecessary applications by simply rooting your mobile. Otherwise you can uninstall the applications that you have installed manually.

4. Install a Launcher: Launchers are the applications that control the activity of your phone say Desktop Screen, Lock Screen and so on. You can install an application that is very fast and more productivity. I would prefer Lighting Launcher; it is more effective in nature.

By performing these actions, you can easily improve the speed of your mobile within few minutes and you can feel it as like a newer mobile.

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