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How To Create and Organize notes with the Virtual PNotes

Virtual PNotes
In the technology world, there are so many things that we need to memorize in our tiny mind. Few things will fade away and few things will remember in our mind. The important meetings and schedules are all dependent on them but the future of those notes is bleak because of its lacking features and the risk of losing them.

To overcome this problem, PNotes (Portable notes or Pinned notes) is introduced to keep the data safe and secure to avoid any external element to damage or sabotage the information. Virtual PNotes is the next step in the field of technology and it’s written completely in C and Windows API making it light-weight and extremely fast. It has nice settings which makes it extremely flexible and user friendly like skin tone setting, font management, alarms, tags etc.

In PNotes, any portion of the note can be formatted separately and the settings included the whole program and individual note as well. The control panel is the center of management for the settings of the notes. PNotes is present in the virtual world but its applications make it an asset and it no longer feels out of the reach.

The variation in the skin of the note can be done using PNSkinCreator, which is a utility and sometimes the note can be skinless making it expandable to any reasonable size. There is a password setting to prevent any unauthorized access to program and sometimes the note can be saved as an encrypted file in case of loss of USB stick. The encrypted file can be used by the creator and no other person can access it. Scheduling of the notes is important depending on the intensity and urgency of the work.

The alarm can be set accordingly to three levels- once in a day, once in few hours, few times in every hour. The notes can be joined into a group depending on the kind of work and it consists of simple steps like create, modify, delete using simple drag-and-drop. PNotes is fully Unicode supported and translated into many languages along with its portability makes it extremely efficient. It leaves no traces in Windows registry and can be started from any drive (fixed or flash) on any computer helping you to take your notes with you.

Upon program initialization, PNotes can be accessed from the system tray and the interface of the application has a simple layout. Numerous word-processing tools are provided by the application including undo, redo, cut, copy and paste, format, insert, spell checking, search and replace. PNotes contains user documentation and requires a low amount of system CPU and memory among other things. PNotes does not crash or freeze.

It needs no installation, just unpack the downloaded archive to any location and run PNotes.exe. If you enable transparency feature each note can have its own transparency level (from opaque to fully transparent). The notes can be docked to the side of the screen and look like a panel. Searching is a nice option as it helps user to search for fragments of information from the notes or sometimes the note itself. The notes which are extensively used can be easily put in the favorites.

The feature which helps in many ways include e-mailing where the note can be attached or it can be used in the message body even while it is opened on the desktop. The PNote has the ability to either get deleted from the memory permanently or it is stored in the recycle bin with the restore option. The user can decide whether to make backup copies for changed notes and what is the deepness of backup levels. PNotes does not require installation and it can be started from any drive without traces on host computer after finishing.

Here are some of the key features of PNotes

Fixed bugs: A New group is created with black background and sending note text as e-mail body fails on special symbols. Search dialog does not get focus after applying hot key along with Password protected notes which appear without login dialog after switch between skinless and skinnable mode. Note still appears on the screen while its group is deleted but PNotes stops working when user tries to save the note whose group is already deleted

To sum it up, PNotes is certainly a mainstream application which is not cumbersome while using and its portability give it an edge, making it a worth-it asset. Its versatile environment can be explored by the user with the help of its customization tools and skin tone setting. Stay tuned with for more technology based information.

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