Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Android Apps to turn your Smartphone into Mirror

Android is one of the emerging operating system and that minimizes all technologies into palm in the name of Smartphones. Android makes the users to make life easier and much better and android operating system provides a best platform that serves you with millions of applications that are available in the market. In this post, has made a wonderful list of application that makes your phone into an exciting mirror and here it goes; Here are the best applications that will make your phone into an exciting mirror;

Your Mirror HD: 

Your Mirror HD is one of the best and simplest application that uses your from camera in your android smartphone or in your android device. By using Your Mirror HD, you can also try several frames and magazines front cover in the android device. Even you can zoom in and zoom out using your mobile camera, this provides you a fantastic look for your smartphone. This application has wave lock feature that keeps the screen of the device online while using this application.

Mirror Application By mmapps mobile: 

Mirror Application By mmapps mobile is the one of the top downloaded application in the Google Play store, and this application is totally rocking. The developer has designed in such a way that the application looks fantastic with the user interface for the Mirror Application By mmapps mobile. You can easily control and monitor the screen brightness and also it has zoom out and zoom in feature. Mirror Application By mmapps mobile shows better clarity in the image and it also provides a wonderful visibility of the images in the smartphone.You can hide the screen controls of your mobile and turns your mobile as a real mirror.

Mirror by SA Studio:

Mirror by SA Studio is another leading application that is used for changing your android smartphone into a solid mirror. This application has been downloaded more than 2 million times in the Google Play store and it is one of the most used applications in the android market. This Mirror by SA Studio application can be used with or without the front camera. You can even save the mirror image in your smartphone storage and even you can share them over Facebook via Social Share option in the Mirror by SA Studio.

Mirror (Night Light Mode): 

Mirror (Night Light Mode) is one of the mirror applications that are available in the internet or in the Google Play Store. This application is available in more than 50 languages and has brilliant interface that allows you to pause the motion at any time. It has more options that allow you to use night mode or day mode and so on, depending upon your wish you can use them in your Smartphone.

Mirror- Zoom and Exposure: 

This is another excellent application that brings you a better and simple interface that enhances the dull images in a darker area by providing backlight feature. This is very simple, elegant and simpler to use.

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