Sunday, 13 April 2014

Recharge Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds with Quantum Dots!

An Israeli startup unveils a new generation of battery -based organic nanoparticles with quantum properties. Video demo of a new generation of battery manufactured by the company StoreDot is the buzz on the web. It shows that a Smartphone can be recharged in 30 seconds of time duration. If you consider today’s recharging time of several hours to reach a full charge, this is a boon to a Smartphone user.

However, you cannot expect to fit your phone tomorrow with this new technology, which will not be sold within 3 years. At this point, the video depicts a prototype, too bulky to attach to the inside of the Smartphone. It remains that this new technology could be promising. This is at least what seems to think Samsung, which is currently in talks with the start -up.

Made from compounds of semi conductors, these "quantum dots" manage to confine electrons and holes (electrons location having been previously dislodged) in a confined space in three dimensions, of the order of several tens of nanometers. This assembly is sometimes having their name “artificial atoms “. Their optical and electronic properties are already used in many applications like transistor, LED, medical imaging, solar energy production and many more.

Usually, the quantum dots are synthesized from inorganic materials often based on the elements like arsenic, gallium and selenium. Now StoreDot offers for the first time to use peptides - these organic molecules formed as amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. According to Gil Rosenman, director of research belongs to StoreDot; these peptides spontaneously assemble to form quantum dots under certain conditions.

And those peptides can behave as semiconductors. The advantage of peptide chains is that they are easy and inexpensive to synthesize. Moreover, these quantum dots are made "from amino acid naturally produced by plants and animals, they should therefore not be too harmful to the environment. These are unlike to that of most inorganic quantum dots, especially those made from heavy metals.

This is a remarkable discovery, they add, as well as large organic molecules conduct electricity is well known but nobody had considered that biological peptides can behave as semiconductors. According StoreDot, new batteries boosted biological Nanoparticles could take five days to drain instead of one day for a conventional batteries.

And 7 minutes of charge is sufficient to use your Smartphone for 24 hours. Besides, according to Gil Rosenman, the life of the battery would be significantly extended. This is due to their crystalline form, quantum dots could remain for thousands of charge cycles it seems.

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