Tuesday, 15 April 2014

5 Best Photo Editing Software

Almost every people love to edit their photos. But we people know the one and only image editing software is Picasa. Else we use Photoshop. Apart from that there are advanced image editors are there to edit your photos with more beautiful and wonderful options. Now you can make your photo incredible. I have listed the top 5 free image editing software’s which is available in the internet. Though they are best, they are easy to use. Actually it is not at all a difficult task.

PAINT.NET Software

Paint.net is a free photo editing software which is best in the market. You can download the full version at free of cost. But it will run on windows only. Paint.net comprises of drawing shapes that includes splines and Bezier curves. You can pick up a tool quickly whatever you want which is a simple task. Users are able to edit the image very soon using this software. In this software, we can do all kinds of editing.


Photoscape is a free software which is the only image editor software downloaded by most of the people in the web. Photoscape is a fun image editor. You can download the full version of the software at free of cost from web. By default, there is an edit application. Using that app your image can be edited or enhanced or animated or combined. And you can print your image quickly without any difficulty. In the viewer option you can set the photos to be displayed in slideshow or any other. The editing option includes resize, adjusting brightness and white balance correction etc.

GIMP Software

GIMP is a free image editing software which is best also. It is similar to the Adobe Photoshop. Because the features found in these are same with the Photoshop. So it is easy for beginners to use GIMP. It almost works in all operating systems and in so many languages. It is used for the simple tasks only such as image retouch, image composition and author of the image. It has complex layers also like layer and effect.


Irfan View is the most famous image editor and viewer. It allowsthe user to edit the photograph and enhance the photograph. Using this you can edit and share your photos. Everything is free of cost. Your images can be edited, viewed, converted to image files or to play as a video files. It has some unique features also. Some of them are listed below.
  • smaller in size
  • faster in speed
  • easy to use
  •  able to handle the variety of graphic file formats
  • image creator
  • paint capability
PHOTO POS Software

Photo Pos Pro is software that can be used on your PC easily. It is a free photo editing software. It has some features in advance and smartly designed user interface. It makes you to work with full involvement. It has the helper desk which will be very useful for beginners. It has a powerful tool for image and graphics.

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