Friday, 11 April 2014

How to Convert PowerPoint into Video Formats

In case of presenting a higher version of your presentation among the people, you can present your presentation in the video format. Suppose, if you want to present your presentation to the colleagues or to your customers, then you can record your presentation as a video file and then you can present it on the screen. The latest version of PowerPoint allows you to save the presentation as a video file in .WMV format, the Windows Media Video allows you to present your video without a single glitch and at the same time your presentation will be looking well animated and crystal clear. Suppose, if you want to save your file in other formats, then you can go for third party application that allows you to record the presentation as a video file. You can save the PowerPoint presentation as .AVI, .MOV files and so on. Even you can use this video to stream online in the internet or you can use this video to upload in the Youtube Channels.

In some cases, you might have created a powerful presentation file with tons of animations in the slide. Suppose during the presentation time, your laptop is not getting connected with the projector or you cannot open the presentation files. Rather than doing this, you can simply convert your PowerPoint presentation as a video file and you can present your files in a DVD player, or else you can copy your files in USB drive and you can play it in any player as a presentation. In order to present the files through online, you can record your files and upload it in your blog with a click.

In this post, Mono-live has shared the way to record your presentation file as a video files using the Wonder Share PPT2Video application. Wonder Share PPT2Video application is wonderful software that brings an interface that makes you to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video file.

Wonder Share PPT2Video: Wonder Share PPT2Video application converts your presentation files into the various popular video formats such as MP4, 3GP, MOV and so on. Even you can choose the video size and other clarity for the video. You can easily convert your PowerPoint presentation into the video files and also you can upload the files in the internet. You can easily distribute this video into iPod, iPhones and so many devices that support video playback.

Here are the few things that should be considered while recording your presentation as a video:

=> Record the voice and other necessary music files with the presentation files and convert it to the video format.

=> You can control the quality of the video and also you can choose the size of the multimedia files.

=> Only video player is enough to present the files in the player and no need of any presentation software that is to be present in the computer / laptop.

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