Saturday, 5 April 2014

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is available

Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is available now. In addition to integration with Azure and a data platform for Hadoop 2.2 of the SQL Server and it also provides advanced in side memory solutions. This week, in-house exhibition and Build developer conference Microsoft announced the general availability of its SQL Server 2014.

The new version should be much faster than its predecessor, at least in the online transaction processing (OLTP). For OLTP is now equipped with an In - Memory technology, which can improve speed and it can be achieved by 30 times. The new in-memory -based OLTP complement existing in-memory technologies for business intelligence (BI), complex event processing with Stream Insight and the column-oriented processing in SQL Server.

In addition, the new version of SQL Server for On-Premise, for pure Azure applications or for mixed hybrid cloud solutions can be used. This includes the Azure service HDInsight, Microsoft's Hadoop platform, which can be used with Hadoop 2.2 now. The SQL Server 2014 is available in three versions: Enterprise for mission critical applications and data warehousing, business intelligence for premium companies and self-service BI and the Standard Edition with basic database, reporting and analysis functions.

 The BI and Standard Edition can be licensed per user or per device. In addition, the Standard Edition can license per processor core customers. A trial version is available and which can be used up to 180 days.

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