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Top 10 Recording Software for Mac to Record Videos and Music

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Nowadays Video blogging is the recent trend. This is all because of YouTube only. When you do recording videos and audios, surely you wish to have recognition by posting it in blogs, websites etc. using some internet tools. Likewise Mac has so many software’s to do the same thing. And I have listed the top 10 recording software’s for Mac.

1. QuickTime software
Quick time software is the free software. Quick time software is a default one. It doesn’t have any issues. When it is coupled with video editing software, you can do beautiful videos without spending money. When you know the essential programs that are used to run the video, you can become popular, by posting videos on online. You can even earn through it.

2. Twisted Wave software
Twisted wave is the wonderful audio recording software. The price is about 80$. In terms of recording audios, it will work as same as Screen flow. It allows you to record multilayered audio track, you can edit those multilayer track also. Hence it creates the best and perfect songs by working perfectly.

3. Screen Flow software
Screen flow software is used by the professional recorders, since it is a perfect app. It is an expensive one too. It costs about 100 $. It has the ability to boost up the quality of the recorded audio and the recorded video concurrently. Finally Screen flow software is worth to spend so much of the money...

4. Garage band software
Garage band is free software. It is bundled with the Mac OS x as a default app. It is partial professional program which can be used for the moderate musician of the Mac. It has enough features to change the track that you have recorded. You can easily create the podcasts in this program. Time limited is not there.

5. IShowU HD software
IShowU HD software is free software. But it imposes the watermark on the recorded video. It is the main drawback of this software. The watermark has been displayed with the content of “iShowU HD”. If it is not at all a problem for you, it is really good software. You can record your videos for games also. It does its work extremely well. It can offer you demos which were unlimited.

6. Copernicus software
Copernicus software is the free software. Once the button is clicked, it can able to capture and record the videos. The major drawback is that it doesn’t have audio. So automatically in certain cases, it limits the videos. And more it is suitable only for tutorials like that only.

7. Captureit software
Captureit software is not free software. It offers the perfect video by its own features. It boosts the layout, in order to make the perfect video. If you want clips from games, you can use this software. Hence for video bloggers, it is an exceptional choice. If you have microphone, it is easy to make tutorial videos also using this Captureit software.

8. Krut software
Krut software has the features to control the internet. When you capture an image, it will give you in FLV/AVI format, which is used in internet commonly. It is also used for making stream constant videos by using keyboard and hot key and not even impose the cursor on the screen. If you want a single portion of the video, it can able to edit it.

9. Audacity software
Audacity is the prodigious software for the Mac users. It looks like to be in rough and simple. There are so much of styles of record. But the quality is good because it contains lots of filters. If you want to clear the particular track only means, it will help you to clean.

10. Jing by TechSmith software
It has a very unique features compared to others. It can be used in any operating systems since it is cross platform software. It has special features like addition text box in order to add the subtitles. It possesses the direct link for the Screencast, twitter and Flicker. It proves the social aspect of the software.

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