Tuesday 22 April 2014

5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Google+

Google Chrome
Social media is playing a vital role in the every field in this world; you can get anything from the social media. Google Plus has been actively increasing its role in all kinds of fields in this world. For instance, consider a business; it has several things that should be done several things in the social media.

Like, creating a fan page in the internet will increase the audience among the users in the internet. In such cases, Google Plus is increasingly concentrating in developing huge audiences among the people. Google Plus has been constantly launching several applications and schemes which make you to increase your online audience in the cyberspace.

Google Plus makes you to use several features in the internet and also releases several applications in the internet that increases the comfort of the users. Several tools are developed in the meantime in the Google Plus, to improve the usability of the users.

There are several application, which makes you to improve the audience in the social media, and also makes you to improve the level of audiences in your website. This also let you to make the people to like your pages and also likes your latest products over the social media. Here is the list of articles that can be used to improve the audiences in the Google+ with the latest Chrome Extensions.

G+ Count in Title: The G+ Count in the Title allows you to get a notification count in the tab of the Google+, and also you will be automatically get notified, when you were getting a g+ in your Page or in your post. You can easily have a glance of number of post that is present in your Google+ Page Tab. This Plugin is very simple and Unique provides you a better option to provide +1 Option in the Google Plus. You can easily select sharing option by pressing the s button in the keyboard.

G+ Extended: This Plugin adds a Shortcut for your Google Plus posts, this extension for the chrome browser is very simple and unique. You can easily get notification for that using the G+ Extended Plugin in your Browser.

Helper For Google+ : This extension allows you to get notifications in a single click, and also this helps you to share the selected contents in your Twitter account. You will get notifications in your desktop and also you can choose various options such as Audio notifications and so on. You can even translate the useful contents in the Google Plus website.

+Comment Toggle: This extension allows you to hide various levels of comments in your Google Plus page and also when the server is too busy, you can save time very easily using this extension.

Extended Share For Google+: This application will allow you to share your content that are found in the Google Plus, in the other networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. Thus various Google Plus extensions for Chrome Browser has been discussed in the above post, if you have any other, then do comment in the comment box below.

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