Friday 25 January 2013

Google X Phone

X Phone, the first Smartphone designed 100% by Google which was announced earlier in 2012. Based on information collected by the site Droid Life, X Phone, the first Smartphone designed entirely by Google through its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility, could be unveiled in May 2013 for marketing in July. The X Phone is already the subject of rumors since last December. The Wall Street Journal announced as the Smartphone would have too many “advanced features" but if a folding screen was the order of the day, it does not finally dispose.

Today we learn more through Droid Life. According to the information from the site which is specializing in news of Android phones, the X Phone will be presented in May during the developer conference Google I / O and the marketing is scheduled for July 8. The X Phone is not marketed under the brand name "Nexus" but would have the same interface without overlay and will be sold on the online store “Google Play”. If the information in Droid Life and the Wall Street Journal would prove correct, it would be the first Smartphone developed entirely in-house by Google with the acquisition of Motorola's mobile division in August 2011.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Mobile Monitoring

With great changes and improvement done in the field of technology, mobiles applications are the most convenient devices in the overall performance of many users; with up gradation taking place at amazing speed. Reliable online service providers providing the much needed assistance in mobile monitoring are available rendering real end user experience of any application, anywhere at any time on any device. Mobile is a widely used important device for business and personal means of communication where a majority of businesses are making use of the line of business applications accessible through mobile devices with more businesses making plans to deploy custom mobile applications for future progress. This service provider renders flexible and comprehensive monitoring strategy for various types of iOS as well as Android applications like Native mobile applications, supporting binary application instrumentation, a SDK for mobile applications developers, for mobile web applications including HTML5, supports dynamic JavaScript instrumentation and for virtual mobile application, supports monitoring XenApp and VDI delivered mobile. They also continuously collect detailed service, device and network information which can be responsible for the application performance and the problems faced.

 Besides determining and detecting mobile application performance and problems, they also identify the root cause of unsatisfied user experience, contributing factors that can enhance the mobile application performance with its advanced analytics which may be due to poor Wi-Fi connection or cellular network, roaming or in call status, CPU load or low power mode, slow URLs or target Server etc. They also present a correlated and integrated business view on transaction response times with networks, device and service metrics which enables support team with real time and historical analysis on performance problem thereby reducing MTTR as well as preventing outages reoccurring again. Besides this they also provide unified management for end user experience not only for mobile users but also for desktops and physical machines. With their comprehensive monitoring system for mobile applications, they are the leaders in providing a unified view of end user for all transactions on any device at any time at any location. For more information, users could check at the site and get acquainted with the services available to the users.

Google’s 50 billion sales in 2012

Google yesterday unveiled the excellent results for its fourth fiscal quarter and the year. "We finished 2012 with a big quarter," said Larry Page, CEO. The Mountain View company has recorded a turnover of 14.42 billion (10.84 billion Euros) in the fourth quarter, up 36% year on year. This is a best result well above market expectations which called for 12.36 billion dollars. Larry Page described that they had reached $ 50 billion in revenue for the first time last year - not bad in just a decade and a half". Google has indeed recorded 50.18 billion dollars (37.72 billion Euros) in revenue in 2012, an increase of 32%. Profit totaled 10.7 billion.

 Unsurprisingly, it is advertising that pays the most Internet giant. It is no less than 43.7 billion in revenue over the last year a 20% more than the previous year. In contrast, the cost per click (CPC, the amount paid by an advertiser for each click on an advertisement) is down by6% from the previous year. Larry Page, however, that provides mobile business "progressing very well" and mapping services, Google Maps in mind, would certainly be "a good source of income." Motorola remains the case, the manufacturer that Google acquired last spring. In the fourth quarter, Motorola Mobility posted a loss from operations of $ 353 million - sales totaled $ 1.5 billion. Google will separate the TV business of Motorola this year to $ 2.35 billion.

Friday 18 January 2013


Great headway has been done in cross channel marketing strategy with the help of online providers which has given rise to enhancing their business in the internet world. This has been done with the powerful combination of personalization, measurability, monitoring and follow ups, which provides the maximum flexibility to the user. Some of the cross media suite offered are dynamic landing page, personalized emails, postal tracking, integrated contact management, reporting, to name a few. The company been known for its fastest growing segment in direct marketing giving rise to enhancement of businesses. The founder of these amazing tools, Tej Kohli a very dynamic personality, with his dedication and hard work on direct marketing, brought about improved developments in web publishing and campaign management tools enabling marketers the ability to create, launch and track direct marketing campaigns with the help of powerful DIY tools taking the cross media marketing to a higher level. He was responsible for the formation of tej kohli indros group giving his clientele a great vision for the future in marketing strategies.

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Two Way Radios

Service providers for two way radios in communication applications are available at reliable site catering to the needs of their consumers. With a two way radio system, the operator can have a conversation or listen with other similar radio operating channel or frequency which can be used for indoor, outdoor or family use and are an ideal option in hospitals, manufacturing and campus use, theatres, government offices, large, medium or small business etc. They are equipped with a wide selection of options to choose from, some of which are available in stationery, mobile or hand held portable form, which can be viewed at their site, together with accessories of best brands in the market and they strive to provide only the best quality products to all their customers. Being in bulk business since 1997, they have built up lasting relationship with top rated quality two way radio manufacturers enabling them to offer their products at affordable prices to all their customers. They also offer free shipping for two or more products of two way radios which can be great money savers on the purchases done at the site though this offer is valid only for a limited period and users should take this opportunity while they are available.

 A variety of options for the benefit of their users are displayed at the site to enable them to view and opt for the ones best suitable to their needs. Users can also opt for the ultimate guide in two way radios available at the site for indoor and outdoor use explaining in details on the correct choice of two way radios, together with their excellent customer services rendered by their team of supportive staff on board. Moreover for better understanding on their products and services, briefing on the products is provided at their site as well as the testimonials posted by other users displayed at their site could also be checked. The option of refining one’s search to the desired product is also made available at the site which can navigate the user to the desired product if available at the site.

Thursday 17 January 2013

Project Management Software

With great progress made in the field of technology, improvements and speed in the overall performance of any activity is done with ease, speed and comfort with many facilities available to consumers. We have service providers, selling various types of software, which can be utilized for the speedy performance of any task. For the purpose of an online management, these providers have a wide range of options readily available for consumers to view and choose according to their requirements. The project management software is designed to have quality work done with speed thereby enhancing any business. This software features planning which enables the users in planning of the projects in question and tracking helps in maintaining its schedule. Collaboration enables them to improve the communication within the team who are scattered all over at different locations and meet at the same platform. Moreover the bug tracking module enables the user to organize, to track and detect bugs if any and fix them efficiently in a timely manner.

The benefits of this amazing software are: the user can access all projects anytime from any location with the help of a web browser, one can keep all important appointments its deadline etc. accessible from one platform, proper scheduling and uninterrupted workflow on a continuous basis is maintained without the hassle of any delay, coordination with members of the team placed at different location can be done on real time from one given platform, creation of folders and organizing project files with ease and comfort. Besides these, one can also escalate bugs with immediate solutions which can be availed from experts within the project forum team and give a structure by defining the bug life cycle at various stages and how to handle them, coordination and sharing of views and opinions within the team at the same platform enhances the strength and knowledge within the team. Users could register for free at their site and tour through the site to get acquainted with the products lined up for display and make a choice as per their requirements. All the required information and guidance is readily available and displayed at the site for the benefit of their viewers.

Friday 11 January 2013

Apple Memory

A reputed company founded in the year 2001 has been providing products for all computing and Pro A/V equipments which can be located at dvwarehouse. To fulfill the needs of all their customers, they are well stocked on products of Mac computer products for the Apple Macintosh community, Apple parts, and Mac computer models together with accessories and add on various options, offering 50 to 75 percent discounts on their products. With ready stock made available for their valuable customers their deliveries and quick and efficient. The products available are listed at the site some of which are apple floppy drive, apple memory, apple ac power adapter, apple modern, apple processor/CPU etc. User could make a one stop shopping for all required products at this single platform offering great pricing and save a great deal on purchases done at the site. They could also check on updates on specials, top sellers and other attractive deals that are posted from time to time for the benefit of their viewers.

 Besides Apple computers and Apple parts, they also provide Video editing and pro audio accessories the updates of which are readily made available at the site. Users could also refine their search through the search option for any desired products which can enable the user in locating the product if available at the site. Moreover users could also use all the briefings and information with regards to the products on sale and get well acquainted with the product in question before purchasing them. Besides this, additional information on Gift Center Agreement, Purchase Agreement, Product inquiry etc. is also posted at the site which could prove to be helpful to the user. Should there arise any queries, relating to the product or the order placed, the same can be resolved through phone or emails which is attended by their service staff in an efficient manner The services rendered by their supportive team on board are par excellence leaving their customers well satisfied on the products purchased from their store. Having an extensive inventory on products at their disposal, at warehouse pricing, users are at an advantage while shopping at their sites with competitive prices.

Monday 7 January 2013

Fake Diploma

Custom made authentic hundred percent fake diplomas and fake degree can be availed at that specializes in these documents in accordance with one’s specifications. They prepare realistic document, as the case may be. They create an identical replica of the desired document with the use of top quality parchment paper in line with the original color and text as well as the watermarks, exact wordings, signature and seals. They strive to ensure that they do not misspell or change the name of the university or college that has been ordered. Some of the things that they do not compromise on are, that they do not stamp or print the words `novelty’ or `replica’ on the document created by them, nor use the same set of templates for each order and falsely claim that the documents are replicas. They are leaders in providing fake diploma which are of high quality products that can be used for novelty purpose only. Users should note that these providers creating these documents in line with the original documents are not attached to any educational institute, college or any university and the products created by them are considered as novelty documents and should not be misused by the user.

 Users are assured of their quality products and their payments can be done in installment starting with a 60 percent payment after reviewing the contents of the document sent via email for any changes that may be needed in the desired documents. Should there arise any changes, their professional designers are most willing to abide with these changes till they arrive at the desired specifications given by their customers, the proof of which is send to the customer for the final approval before delivering the said documents. Users can opt for the payment options of their choice which are bank transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers, Western Union and C-gold .and the time for processing of the payment varies for each option. Bank transfers take about five to eight working days to process, while Western Union payments take around twelve to twenty four hours. C-gold options depend on the funding method used while PayPal and Moneybookers have newly been introduced; information can be obtained from the service provider regarding the same. The services rendered by them are excellent meeting up all the specifications as desired by their clients and fulfilling their commitments of timely deliveries which is between eight to twelve working days on top quality products

Nike Fuel Band Bracelet

     Nike fuel band bracelet was introduced very recently introduced in Europe. Fuel Band is the wrist band that has two purposes one is the duration of the physical activity and the second one is its duration. The fuel band features a gyroscope like any Smartphone and then it takes care of translating the hand movements and interprets them accordingly.
     They are smart enough to identify the movements in different states like playing, walking and so on, It is also a very beautiful designed bracelet with elegant look. It has hundreds of LEDs and a USB connection that serves as a base. This famous unit done by Nike only weighs thirty grams which gauge our energy expenditure and express it in terms of “Fuel”. The objective of this fuel band is to enable the holder to assess their regular physical activity but more than a simple transverse pedometer.

    The fuel band is synchronized with the phone via Bluetooth and has the dedicated application for the analysis of the results of the daily monitored data. Simply create a Nike account and set the basic wants and specify the wrist on which you are going to worn. You have to clipper your band around your wrist rest will be taken care of. A long press of the single button on the bracelet can synchronize with the application as often as desired. The different presses can display different things like the time display, calories burned or the number of steps. Finally performances of these bracelets are very impressive. One hour of charging a battery is capable of running enough to exceed one week autonomy.

Event Management Software

With constraint on time as well as budget for any event especially wedding planners, we have online providers with excellent Event Management Software providing flexible license with support packages with the combination of cutting edge event software, excellent customer service with prompt support to the entire satisfaction of their customers. With an experience of over 30 years of service to their credit, they are equipped with a team who are well versed in handling events which is cost effective, convenient and flexible. These providers pride themselves in fulfilling their commitments with remarkable quality services, building up a good business relationship with their clients.