Friday, 18 January 2013


Great headway has been done in cross channel marketing strategy with the help of online providers which has given rise to enhancing their business in the internet world. This has been done with the powerful combination of personalization, measurability, monitoring and follow ups, which provides the maximum flexibility to the user. Some of the cross media suite offered are dynamic landing page, personalized emails, postal tracking, integrated contact management, reporting, to name a few. The company been known for its fastest growing segment in direct marketing giving rise to enhancement of businesses. The founder of these amazing tools, Tej Kohli a very dynamic personality, with his dedication and hard work on direct marketing, brought about improved developments in web publishing and campaign management tools enabling marketers the ability to create, launch and track direct marketing campaigns with the help of powerful DIY tools taking the cross media marketing to a higher level. He was responsible for the formation of tej kohli indros group giving his clientele a great vision for the future in marketing strategies.

With his endeavor in improvements combined with openness to options on upgrading, tej kohli easypurl came into existence enabling their clients towards potential growth in their business. With a powerful backing on experience in cross media marketing together with highly knowledgeable and qualified professionals under the flagship of Mr. Tej Kohli, they are capable of delivering its technologies, through re-sellers, trade, agencies, and print service providers or through companies. Their easy to use software helps their customers in the overall performance of mail and email marketing campaigns enabling a one to one marketing communication using personalized URLs and customized landing pages. Their well proven technology has been used by many clients ranging from direct marketing agencies, direct mailers, and printers etc; to achieve complex marketing challenges. Presently with clients at different location of the world, they have been offering cross media marketing platform of choice for all marketing strategies. To know more on this great personality and the founder of this industry, users could join tej kohli linkedin group where details are available for members registered at the site.

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