Friday 25 January 2013

Google X Phone

X Phone, the first Smartphone designed 100% by Google which was announced earlier in 2012. Based on information collected by the site Droid Life, X Phone, the first Smartphone designed entirely by Google through its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility, could be unveiled in May 2013 for marketing in July. The X Phone is already the subject of rumors since last December. The Wall Street Journal announced as the Smartphone would have too many “advanced features" but if a folding screen was the order of the day, it does not finally dispose.

Today we learn more through Droid Life. According to the information from the site which is specializing in news of Android phones, the X Phone will be presented in May during the developer conference Google I / O and the marketing is scheduled for July 8. The X Phone is not marketed under the brand name "Nexus" but would have the same interface without overlay and will be sold on the online store “Google Play”. If the information in Droid Life and the Wall Street Journal would prove correct, it would be the first Smartphone developed entirely in-house by Google with the acquisition of Motorola's mobile division in August 2011.

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