Sunday 10 February 2013

The Camera Panoramic Balls

Ricoh has benefited from the CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2013 show dedicated to the photo, which was held recently in Tokyo to show a prototype camera original, the "360 ° Camera Innovation." Designed by Ricoh Innovations, a research laboratory located in Ricoh Silicon Valley, and quickly unveiled at CES in January, the camera takes a single shot the 360 ° panoramic pictures.

For this he adopts a particular design, "Y", with two fish-eye lenses 180 ° photographing the scene on each side. The camera then combines the two images obtained just to do that. Ricoh showed the results of the pictures at the exhibition in the form of panoramic images that appear on the screen of an iPod in the form of "balls" that Ricoh called "Panorama Balls", in which visitors could move with the finger ... It was not only possible to look around as a single panoramic picture, but you could also look up and down the stage.

 If Ricoh is still stingy information on this project, we do know that the camera should have a WiFi module to transmit the photos taken with a mobile terminal, such as an iPhone or iPad. They will display images and change the view to see another part of the image. The manufacturer would also include a feature panoramic video. But it would be contrary to the absence of any standard in this area, making it more difficult assembly operations and limit opportunities for exchange. Ricoh is still in the research stage and has not yet decided whether the prototype will be realized one day a marketed product, although the presence of two shows suggests that there is a good chance to see the camera soon in stores.

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