Tuesday 19 February 2013

Data Storage Systems

Online providers of some of the most excellent storage systems are available at nexsan, that have been in business since the year 1999 with headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, and have installed around 33,000 systems to over 11,000 customers in 60 countries of the world. They are the leaders in san storage system and their E series disk solutions delivers storage density, power management, reliability, with high value block based storage. The san storage system delivers the smallest footprint of around 60 disks in 4U rack space consuming around 85 percent less power when not in use. It is a perfect choice for enterprise class reliability, cost per terabyte optimizing the storage infrastructure for backup and recovery, traditional, virtual and cloud management together with bulk storage. The new version NST5000 provides hybrid of solid state technology with spinning disk for iSCSl and NAS, meeting intensive requirements such as server and desktop database, virtualization etc; providing high performance with a capacity which is affordable. The secure archive systems are the gold standard for data offload, secure cloud deployments and compliance.

 These storage solutions are the ideal option for a wide range of applications which include database, surveillance, backup with recovery, bulk storage, VM storage, archive, cloud storage, disaster and recovery, medical imaging, litigation support etc. Their RAID, ATA and SATA disk technologies are capable of handling the storage needs of different sizes of companies with products suitable for medium sized and mid tier deployments in large companies. With products being sold through their channel, users can benefit from deal registration program as well as extensive partner programs and experience a different kind of storage solutions from their products. To obtain additional information, on demand webinar etc: a tour at the site would prove to be beneficial to the viewer. Moreover they are eco friendly with their products using `green AutoMAID’ which is an energy saving technology and a good choice of low power usage with space constrained environment. For a deeper insight on the company and updated news and events, the same can be checked which are displayed at the site for the benefit of the user.

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