Saturday 23 February 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console

Now a days the demand for the gaming consoles are declining the manufactures trying to keep their place in the market in a novel innovative way and Sony is not an exception to it. In their part Sony has unveiled its PlayStation 4. During the forum meet, the Japanese manufacturer Sony has introduced a new joystick that has the distinction of having a touchpad. The controller operates in the form of curves showing the PlayStation Move accessory for motion detection.

 The DualShock 4 includes an audio mini-jack, mini speaker and an area light with three different colors helps the console to identify the player via a 3D camera. By this means the PS4 will assess the position of people in the room. This indicator light may also give information to other players with different colors. PlayStation 4 Eye is the answer from Sony Microsoft Kinect, after three years with better specifications. While the Kinect camera has a 640 x 480 px with a field of view of 60 °, the PS4 Eye carries two cameras 1280 x 800 px with a field of view of 80 °, so it can theoretically follow more people with better accuracy.

It also embeds a set of microphones that enable Sony to catch Microsoft in the field of speech recognition, but the next Xbox could go much further and allow Sony to place in this area. Another innovation is the sharing of catch and videos of the game in progress, using a button "Share" on the controller. Other people remotely connected to the PlayStation Network (PSN) will follow your movements, with a comment about their display on your screen. Wifi U also offers the ability to chat with friends during a game session to return to the PlayStation 4, if you allow it, your contacts can also take control of your character. This type of sharing when we are playing will be provided by a dedicated processor. Sharing it is also possible to Facebook and Ustream. To facilitate transfers to other online players, go watch streaming these videos will be compressed in real time. Mode "Director" will provide an opportunity to do some manipulations on these videos. The joystick always key start will pause the game which is currently playing to resume later, just as quickly. This pause is completed by an automatic backup.

 Managing downloads will be provided by the chip side, even with the console powered off and we can start a game as long as enough of the content has been downloaded. Among the associated services, there will be a demonstration mode for games and an optional notification to alert you when one of your contacts has purchased a title. An important announcement on the strategy of the second screen to play is offered, While Nintendo provides a standard tablet to its customers, Sony put on the PS Vita to stream games. The portable console whose sales do not take off could benefit from a renewed interest in this feature called remote play. Philippe Cardon, president of Sony Computer France, said that the remote will be available to play for all games end. Sony did not forget the owners of Smartphone and tablets Android and iOS. An application called simply PlayStation App will see elements of a game, for example a map on the second screen. It has an approach similar to Microsoft Xbox, SmartGlass etc.

One can also buy games from your iPhone. These will be automatically downloaded to the console. The PlayStation 4 will carry a SoC with 8 cores 64 AMD x86-Jaguar, a Radeon (1.84 TFLOPS) and 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM. Also included is a hard disk with a storage capacity has not been announced, Blu-Ray, Ethernet and USB 3.0, A / V outputs (HDMI, optical S / PDIF ...), Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1. Surprise concerning the technical specifications is that Sony abandons the Cell processor, derived from PowerPC to adopt a more traditional x86-64, a choice that could facilitate the development of the console. On graphics solution, if one refers to the number of TFLOPS, it would be a bit more powerful than AMD Radeon HD 7850 graphics card midrange.

It would not, a priori a powerhouse. Sony had excluded costly components in this. One reason for this may be the manufacturer has probably learned the lesson from the launch of the PlayStation 3 to $ 499 or $ 599 in its 60GB, which was a too high a price that was disabled for a while. On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 will ship technology Gaikai, a company purchased by Sony last year specializing in games streaming - like OnLive. Gaikai boss said it will be possible to try any game before you buy thanks to its technology. The service could also be used to run old games Sony the PS4 is not backwards compatible. The interface of the PlayStation has been thoroughly reviewed. The Japanese also gave some information about the titles which are going to be available. They included Killzone, Shadow Fall, inFamous Second Son, Driveclub, Knack, Destiny, Diablo III, Deep Down and Watch_Dogs.

 The PlayStation 4 will be released in late 2013. No detail was given on pricing. But the performance of Sony has been to a press conference without presenting the object in question. "Do not show any of a sudden," says the boss of Sony Computer France to justify their absence. If the non-disclosure of the price may be understandable due to competition with Microsoft - it is likely that Sony expects the price of the next Xbox to adjust - the absence of the console, true identity marker, is more than strange. Unless the manufacturer of surprises.

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