Wednesday 20 February 2013

Samsung Flexible Screen

Here is a little news of CES 2013 show in Las Vegas. Every one aware that CES is the show that is meant for new technology and high tech gadgets and here is the introduction of flexible screens. Samsung presents a prototype display flexible and which is unbreakable. Here a beta version which is not a mobile phone but the dimensions suggest there. It is a flexible OLED display with a resolution greater than 300dpi.

 This technology already exists for tablets finally rather simple reading lights. The innovation is to bring this technology on mobile screens ... for what? Else is it a useless gimmick? The answer is Yes and No, the fact that a flexible screen is expected to make it more resistant in the sense that shocks and strains are highly attenuated or even without consequences. So any one can simply guess, that in 2013, Samsung is going to positioning itself strong in the mobile market.

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