Thursday 28 February 2013


The Mobile World Congress is the occasion of the announcement of new features dedicated to this purpose. The SpareOne phone is probably the least sophisticated of the Mobile World Congress, but also one of the most ingenious. Presented there is a little more than a year as an emergency phone, it can now be of interest to parents and children. The SpareOne is a simple phone that has no screen or battery. It was designed for emergency situations: it comes in a sealed bag that can float and is powered by one AA battery, operates from -30 to 60 ° and includes a flashlight.

In most countries of the world, pressing the center button will reach emergency services, even without a SIM card. The supplied battery, Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 one is stable for fifteen years: a SpareOne left in the garage or in the glove box will not be discharged. She has fifteen hours of appeal, once empty, it can be replaced by any AA battery NiMH, alkaline or rechargeable and SpareOne is again functional. The SpareOne can also be used while traveling; either with a local SIM or SIM with a Smartphone (a paper clip ejection and a microSIM adapter are included at the back of the unit).

The technical details: Version 900/1 800 MHz operating in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and parts of South America. Version 850/1 900 MHz can operate in the United States, Canada and the rest of South America except Japan and South Korea which are not supported. It can also be assigned to seniors or children, nine keys corresponding to nine preprogrammed numbers. The SpareOne cannot display SMS but can receive and send automatically: they are cleverly used to administer the remote phone. We can reprogram numbers associated with the keys without user intervention the SpareOne. If the user uses the emergency button, the SpareOne will automatically send an SMS to the administrator information and its location (cellular triangulation). The SpareOne is available for $ 99.99 (or $ 189.99 in a pack of two). The new features will soon be integrated.

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