Saturday, 23 February 2013

Voice recognition finalized in Google Chrome

We mentioned earlier that the Google Chrome browser now includes a native voice recognition module. The latest edition of the browser, the more precisely 25.0.1364.97, indeed offers a tool that allows any user to "talk". The software uses this technology for Web Speech API. For now, there is only one site operator function, and this is the work of Google. This is just a demonstration of the possibilities offered by the speech recognition engine, nothing more.

But we expect that developers will follow and quickly browse the site to voice only, place an order on a merchant site, etc. The page in question is available here: the tech demo is available in 32 languages (not counting variants), including major European languages. The engine seems to have made some progress and getting better recognize the words of our language. As announced earlier, this new version sees off default not all extensions from the Chrome Web Store. It is possible to manually reactivate, but a message warning the user of the dangerous action, loaded extensions here and there is often prone to security problems.

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