Thursday 14 February 2013

(LT) Tech DISH

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of DISH for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Technology has been improving with each passing phase with sophisticated appliances on the increase, offering wide options on various selections like the computer, smart phones, and tablets to all individuals. DISH Anywhere™, one of the leading satellite TV providers, has been providing the most top quality programming to consumers combined with the best value for their money.  With the rise in smart phones, etc, individuals now have the option of watching videos at their own convenience and the provider in question has designed technology to fit mobile video consumption to cope up with the need of the consumers.  With the Hopper™, Whole Home HD DVR functionality, enables full HD DVR operation from every TV and users can watch pause, rewind and record programs from any room. PrimeTime Anytime™ enables to record six different programs simultaneously during primetime, with three hours of on demand primetime FOX, ABC, CBS, & NBC programs for eight days from the initial air date. Learn more about the Hopper by checking at the site and get to know in details about the same which could be very beneficial to the user.
The Hopper Transfers™ is an apt solution for watching programs with the AutoHop™ system which enables it to skip commercials instantly, thereby recording only the program without the commercials.  The user can transfer the DVR recordings to an iPad and later watch the same while traveling without the need of an internet connection. With amazing options available, consumers do not have to miss on their favorite shows while they are away and traveling, since through DISH Anywhere™, their online portal, which can be accessed from Android and Apple devices, enables them to watch live and recorded TV programs at any place and time.Follow DISH on Twitter and get to know the updates posted by other users which could help them in knowing more about this option.  On registering at the site, members can take the advantage of free hopper and also opt for suitable packages starting from $24.99 for 12 months with a commitment of 24 months, conditions applicable at the time of registration. Viewers could also tour the site and LIKE DISH on Facebook if they choose to do so.

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