Tuesday 31 January 2012

Mushroom GreenZero - recharge your mobile smart

Let your smartphone charge the battery all night is not ideal. Overload can affect the battery of mobile devices where the design of Mushroom GreenZero.

This plug handy to recharge mobile devices without compromising their batteries and without increasing the electricity bill. It looks like a switched outlet to plug into the wall on which you can connect mobile devices. The plug is compatible with devices with a micro USB port.

RideKick, a trailer to make an electric bike

Although they proved very useful especially in the ribs, lesvélos power are far from unanimous in particular because of their high price. The American group RideKick had the idea to design a trailer that turns any bike into electric bike.

With a lead-acid battery of 24 volts powering a 500 watt electric motor, trailer motor is capable of propelling the bicycle at a speed of 30 km / h. Cruise control supplied with the equipment to be installed on the handlebars.

Monologue for plants

It is well known that plants like to be told. The problem is that plants, in turn, do not communicate back and it is not clear about their needs.

To remedy this, a young South Korean designer has created a concept called Monologue. This is nothing more than a device that gives voice to the plants. The device is inspired by baby monitors, but this time it is the plant that is monitored. Monologue is composed of a digital display and a transparent rod embedding sensors.

A door knob that controls the electricity

Quite often we go home and discover that they had left on the lights or forgot to turn off a device. This in time is felt on the electricity bill. A group of designers has found a potentially effective way to avoid this. This is a door handle like no other. Indeed, the handle is to be a device to control electricity and even gas.

Essay Writing

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Monday 30 January 2012

Protecting Your Data

At one time, the majority of the computers that people used for business and personal use were stationary. In order to use them, you needed to be sitting at the desk in front of the PC or at the very least, be hardwired into the network in some way or another. With the popularity of laptops, however, this is changing quickly. In fact, many people are using laptops, not only to be able to travel and to take their work with them when they are on the go but also as a stationary computer as well.

Vancouver hotel

Some of the luxury hotel worth mentioning is the Loden hotels situated at downtown Vancouver alluring their guest with its beautiful surroundings of mountains, forest and sea. The vancouver hotel accommodations renders refined services with cosmopolitan atmosphere enabling the guest to enjoy the country’s unique environment. The luxuries of the hotel come with custom designed suites and guest rooms with floor to ceiling windows, giving way to breathtaking views of the scenic atmosphere of the mountains and waterways. With focus on maximum comfort, the rooms are equipped with large flat screen television, ceiling speakers and a bar which is well stocked. The guest room features custom beds with comforters and plenty of pillows while the bathroom has a deep soaking bath tub with a separate shower and sinks and fixtures of European style.

Sunday 29 January 2012

Laboratories: looks like the high-tech of the future - VI

Software that can guess your feelings

Researchers in Madrid have developed a system that analyzes and recognizes emotions phone users or computers. The devices can recognize the negative emotions such as anger, boredom or doubt, taking into account the tone of voice, the flow of words or pauses between words, and can adapt to the mood of the user. So no need to cry on your iPhone or on your PC!

surrey condos

Waterstone, a reputed designer team situated on the border of Surrey and Langley, is known for their outstanding performance in surrey condos with their amazing development in the creation of one of the most amenitized master planned community in Western Canada.  Their European style cabinets with smooth rolling drawers and soft close doors with detailed attention given to personal space, fitting every amenity in its rightful place give the individual the feel of an awesome experience of comfort and contentment.  Phase II is now nearing completion with the condos ready for occupancy by the individuals.  Their club house of 15,000 square feet space is equipped with amenities with a cozy fireside lounge together with a kitchen, a bar, a game room, large screen TC, billiard table etc. 

Saturday 28 January 2012

Sport marketing

A Canadian sports marketing firm has been creating a branding relationship between Corporate and Canadian Athletes, Canadian World Cup Athletes and Canadian X Game Athletes.  Canadian sport marketing firm aligns Olympic and amateur athletes with corporate sponsors thereby enhancing marketing incentives through Canadian Olympic Athletes.  Sport marketing with the help of sponsorship of Canadian athlete, partners Canadian athletes with corporate Canadian Olympic sponsorships and align corporate with Canadian athletes paving a way in increasing Canadian tourism based marketing strategies.  Some of the flexible sponsorship, branding and sport marketing opportunities are:  Have one goal, one team wherein the athletes and sponsors are treated alike, creating a strong bonded relationship and are considered equal with no distinctions done.

camera holsters

Photographers now have an option from aches and pain and can carry one or two cameras of any weight and size with the introduction of Cotton Carrier Camera System’s products like camera bags, camera holsters, camera slings, camera vest, etc.  These products are very convenient and appealing for all types of photographers like sports photographers, news photographers, wedding photographers as well as active shooter like mountain climbers, bikers and snow boarders where one has the ability to have both the hands free with no cameras dangling round the neck but have the camera securely lock into place and available instantly when needed.

Friday 27 January 2012

Laboratories: looks like the high-tech of the future - V

Music from blocks

Researchers at Southampton University have created a new way to generate computer music. This software, audio d-touch, works with a computer and a webcam. By using simple techniques of computer vision, physical blocks are drawn on a printed circuit. The position of the block then determines how the computer samples and reproduced the sound.

Laboratories: looks like the high-tech of the future - IV

Touchscreen TapSense

Here is a project to improve the use of touch screens. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a way to make the most of the anatomy of the finger and dexterity. By combining a microphone a touchscreen, the researchers showed that it could make the difference between the tip of the finger, the finger nail or joint.

New Pimp My Cube Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello friend! Are you working in a cluttered with old technology, bad furniture that is full of chaotic and really wants to turn it to be a new and sparkling one? Then you ought to be participate in Pimp My Cube Contest that is in the hunt for the most horrible place of work or a cube will definitely selected for one of the three prize packages.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

self directed ira

Individual Retirement Account better known as IRA is a self directed ownership of LLC which is now referred to as ICO (IRA Company) It is a Company which is fully or partially owned by an IRA holder. Since the self directed ira owns the company, the funds can be legally transferred to the company in exchange of shares owned by the members to the ICO which can be purchased by the ICO rather than the IRA for both traditional and non traditional investments. The benefits of self directed IRA is that an ICO permits an IRA checkbook control over real estate and other non traditional investments.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Laboratories: looks like the high-tech of the future - III


Researchers at Harvard University have developed a technology that facilitates the testing of algorithms group on hundreds or thousands of tiny robots. Kilobots called, these robots the size of an insect moving on three legs, interacting and coordinating their actions as a team. A report from Harvard in June 2011 introduced a set of 25 robots performing different actions in a group, such as drilling, development training, and synchronization.

Laboratories: looks like the high-tech of the future - II

Chips that act like the real brain

Here is a subject present in many works of science fiction: an intelligent computer system capable of learning new tasks, like men. Currently, the MIT researchers have gone a step by making a computer chip that mimics the way neurons react to new information. With about 400 transistors, the silicon chip can simulate the activity of a brain synapse. The researchers say that more chips can be combined to create devices with artificial intelligence.

Sunday 22 January 2012

Laboratories: looks like the high-tech of the future - I

The ESC has just ended and some manufacturers have capitalized on their product concepts to shine in Las Vegas. But the real future technologies are conceived in laboratories ultra-advanced the cause of true miracles.

Fuel-based sheets, shoes that can recharge mobile, artificial skin, or a program that guesses the emotions, this is what will bring the high-tech future.

Saturday 21 January 2012

Cocoon Pillow, a pillow that eliminates noise and pollution

Cocoon Pillow is a high-tech pillow designed to protect the baby from environmental elements that can harm, namely noise and pollution. The accessory has a noise reduction technology which allows to party all night without fear of waking the sleeping baby in the other room.

In terms of pollution, Cocoon is equipped with an air ionizer and a HEPA filter to remove as much dirt and germs that can reach the child.

VMUltra: a hard-drive, DVD player and card reader all-in-one

What is the biggest failure of a ultrabook? The lack of CD / DVD. Of course, the use of such a drive has greatly decreased in recent years but remains essential even if only to encode a CD or play a DVD on the go. Velocity Micro has designed a unit specifically dedicated to ultra-thin computer that combines a DVD player, a hard drive (500 GB), a card reader and even a hub with three USB 2.0 ports.

Friday 20 January 2012

The most expected mobile phones to hit the market in 2012

With the increasingly large number of gizmos and gadget freaks in the US, most of them are waiting for the most awaited mobile phones to hit the market this 2012. Smart phones have taken over the entire market and wit every new release, the smart phone market is offering something new to the customers. Ever since the first iPhone as released 4 years back, the technology market is getting smarter and better. Nowadays, mobiles are not devices through which you can just talk. They’ve replaced a computer and are offering a wide array of services that can satisfy the needs of the consumers.

The HTC Edge: Though HTC has been lying low lately, yet in 2012, they’re going to launch a brand new smart phone. This particular phone will be powered by 4.0 Android and with 1.6 GHz processor and 8 MP camera. Apart from the aforementioned technicalities, the phone also has sleek design and smart features that are expected to hit the market in the latter half of 2012.
iPhone 5: Are you an iPhone user who is waiting to upgrade yourself with the latest version of the same? If answered yes, then there’s good news for you in 2012 as the iPhone 5 will hit the market in 2012 thereby quenching the thirst of the gizmos and the geeks. The iPhone 5 has been rumored to be the last project of Steve Jobs and if it is so, you can certainly be well prepared with some surprises that cab prove to be beneficial for the users.
Blackberry Colt: The Blackberry market wasn’t good enough in 2011 with an increasingly large number of consumer complaints regarding the smart phone. However, according to recent reports, it has been seen that there will be certain amendments that can facilitate the market in 2012. The Colt will launch the comeback of the Blackberry that will run on its new BBX platform. This will be the refurbished QNX platform and will also support 4G LTE, apart from having a vibrant touch screen.
Samsung Galaxy S 3: After the iPhone of Apple, it’s time for Samsung to bring in the brand new Galaxy S 3.With the added features, you have to wait and watch what’s in store for the Galaxy users.

Therefore, if you’re a gadget freak and you want to know about the latest gadgets that can set ripple in the mobile phone industry, get an idea from the list mentioned above.

A smartphone that beats to the rhythm of the heart

According to some visionaries, the future smartphones will be able to convey emotions. The designer Sang-hoon Lee takes this idea to its climax by making a concept smartphone that beats to the rhythm of the heart of its owner.

After Empathy, Heart Beat Phone is the new concept of emotional smartphone. The device is able to imitate the beating of the heart. The smartphone is pink and has rounded edges. With no physical keyboard, the device has a touchscreen display that occupies its entire front.

Thursday 19 January 2012

Toshiba SD card which acts as WiFi spot

There are already shipping SD WiFi technology to recover the contents of your camera without having to connect to a computer. Toshiba shifts into high gear since the manufacturer has presented at CES, a memory card can be transformed into a true WiFi spot. Of course, the idea is not to be used as a modem but to watch its users nearby.

Show Your Support On Walgreens

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Recently, Express Scripts resolute that Walgreens will be no longer the part in their network, disconcerting millions of clientele who depend on Walgreens. At the present these people are changing their minds to go to some other pharmacies that may possibly not proposing the similar service and convenience they have experienced from Walgreens. The reason of Walgreens being detached from the Express Scripts group is that the Walgreens declares to have proposed to maintain rates unaffected and that Walgreens did not try to find a rate increase meant for the commercial plan and they move further on the military package. This make the Express Scripts much exasperated and have made this as a big issue. Despite the fact that Walgreens presented to clutch charges meant for the latest agreement, Express Scripts' reaction was to put forward to lacerate Walgreens settlement charges below the industry standard. Even though Express Scripts has the capacity to help out their clientele save by encouraging 90-day top off on retail pharmacies, it turn down to act so. The outcome is that Express Scripts clientele will most to be expected bring to an end. Complete particulars can be found in the Walgreens and Express Scripts press release.

Walgreens is giving its support to the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens, for the reason that it is not its plan to make people experience the inconvenience. For some period, Walgreens proposed Prescription Savings Club yearly memberships on discounted fee. If you are a client of Express Scripts or the Walgreens who has been exaggerated by this change, I persuade you to raise your voice furthermore vote your apprehension to Express Scripts. Do not forget to follow Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook to prove your support in addition!

Monday 16 January 2012

Siri: techno iPhone inspires hackers - V

Spotify Control

Siri is compatible with some applications of the iPhone, but too little to the taste of some developers. Here is one that wanted to enjoy Spotify on iPhone 4S, using only his voice. For this, he used SiriProxy that responds to requests from the voice recognition software. Of course, it is possible to request a particular artist and Siri will choose a song from Spotify's library. For example, "Spotify, play me some Nirvana" and you're done with more songs added to the current drive.

Siri: techno iPhone inspires hackers - IV

Here's a more fun, but also more technical Siri. A developer has come, first tinkering with an electronic piano, capable of playing at a distance, but also to program Siri to be able to play the piano with an iPhone 4S. The piano? 

A Yamaha Disklavier is capable of recognizing a piece sent by the iPhone 4S as a MIDI file, via an Airport Express. 

The developer who designed this "hack" of Siri even added the "Play it again," to replay the song on request. The great art!

Siri: techno iPhone inspires hackers - III

To read the RSS feed

A developer, especially lazy, Siri has changed for it to read the latest information. Responding under the moniker @ JailbreakMatrix, however, he had to go through a jailbroken iPhone 4S to achieve this. But the result is impressive. In his demonstration, the developer asks Siri to read her latest headlines from Engadget, which appears in their RSS feeds. Siri obeyed the voice of robot we know it.

It's not all @ JailbreakMatrix also diverted the Apple Remote to control iTunes. He asked the software to start some music, it runs.

Siri: a technology that inspires iPhone hackers - II

Order a room thermostat

Siri can be seen as a gimmick, but here's a use that could be handy, especially for perennial chilly. A few days after the crack of the application by the French team of Applidium, an American developer calling themselves Plamon unveiled SiriProxy, a proxy server at any point similar to the voice server used by Apple to Siri. Once activated, it automatically connects Siri to offer new orders. Plamon first example, the ability to adjust the thermostat from room to room using the voice command software from Apple.

Siri: a technology that inspires iPhone hackers


Siri is the only feature exclusive to the iPhone 4S. Still in development at Apple, the application remains the very best in the field of speech recognition on mobile. If the Cupertino company has amused some answers to slip crispy, the U.S. company did not, as usual, opened its software developers. Result: they have seized to push the possibilities of Siri.

Saturday 14 January 2012

Bodyguard 9xi-HD01, the arm adopts an iPod / iPhone dock

In July, we talked about the famous gauntlet, or rather, the armed wing called the Bodyguard 9xi. This is an enhancement of self-defense has some features worthy of a superhero. The firm has ArmStar to update its armed with the prototype Bodyguard 9xi-HD01. The accessory from almost on the same basis as the Bodyguard 9xi, but differs from it in that it integrates a dock for iPod and iPhone. Both devices can be stored and loaded, while being protected on the arm. A new snowshoers who displease the gauntlet as the other loads between an electric deterrent system, a laser pointer and a device that generates an arc of electricity around the arm.

Stratolaunch Systems: an aircraft with excessive dimensions

After completing the Space Ship One, the spearhead of Virgin Galactic, the two friends Paul G. Allen and Burt Rutan have again worked together to give a more impressive result, literally.

The mountain was not an anti-climax as the duo wants to design the largest aircraft ever built. The craft was named Stratolaunch Systems. This is an aircraft carrier to be used for space tourism. Its mission is to transport rockets at high altitude. Burt Rutan remains true to its principles and takes the body double as the White Knight but with a size that is closer to that of a Boeing 747. Accusing 500 tonnes on the scale, Stratolaunch Systems is equipped with wings of 125 meters wide. It is powered by six reactors Jumbo Jet.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

BlackBox, the printer for SMS

Those who have discovered the charming Little Printer a few weeks ago will naturally closer to the concept BlackBox. It also happens to be a compact printer.

BlackBox is cube-shaped and black. This black box has been designed specifically for on paper discussions on mobile devices whether it is SMS or instant messaging. Indeed, sometimes these discussions instant digital deserve to be archived on paper. Knowing that the phones have a limited storage capacity, BlackBox is an interesting solution to capture these ephemeral conversations and messages. BlackBox cable connects to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Kisai On Air, a digital-analog watch

With a design combining both sobriety and simplicity, this wristwatch called Kisai On Air is the latest creation from Tokyoflash. This is actually the realization of a concept at the request of fans of the brand.

If used, it is not easy to tell time on watches Tokyoflash, the Kisai On Air on it is rather easy to decipher. This is a watch both digital and analog. Its digital display shows a single figure that moves in a clockwise direction of an analog watch. To tell the time, the user need only identify which is the figure on the screen.


The term cancer is known to a huge faction of diseases that show a discrepancy in kind as well as place.  It is an infection originated through the failure of has power over a cell's reproduction capability. Sooner than separating in a proscribed as well as planned conduct, the cell carries on dividing as well as multiplying unusually, awaiting an evident protuberance or else cancer build up. It is the consequence of incessant, irregular as well as comparatively independent cell propagation, which is appropriate to the undeviating amendment of a number of cells that get a hold of pass on to the cell family. Cancer is a category of infections or else mayhem set apart by means of unrestrained splitting up of cells as well as the capability of these cells to march into further tissues, moreover by unswerving augmentation hooked on contiguous tissue in the course of incursion or else by scion into remote sites by means of metastasis. 

Monday 9 January 2012

A pill to boost the sound of the iPod Nano

Singapore manufacturer Gavio presented one of his last creations: a dock for iPod Nano, capsule-shaped giant. Its name: The Pill, simply. The player is placed in the middle of the pill. The touch screen is accessible even if the docking station already has the buttons to control music. The speakers are located at the ends. The Pill is more portable since its size is only 14.7 x 4.8 cm. According to the designer, The Pill is able to amplify the sound of the iPod.

Radios to be on another wavelength - VI

 ONE Elite Series II Pure

A notable feature of the DAB / FM is to have a function "Listen Later" to save a program for later listening. Simply define a broadcast frequency, start time and duration of the program of it. The ONE Elite Series II Pure is priced at 115 euros.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Radios to be on another wavelength - V

R4 Scansonic

The R4 is an internet radio Scansonic integrating an FM tuner (RDS) provides access to over 15,000 stations and secondarily, music libraries stored on the PC or from home (via WiFi or Ethernet). An application for iPhone and iPod Touch can be used as remote control to choose the delivery method, select the volume or change stations at a distance. 250 euros.

Radios to be on another wavelength - IV

Terratec Noxon A540 + by

Proposed format 17-inch (43 centimeter) to be integrated into a configuration of elements hi-fi standards, the A540 + Noxon Terratec is a proposed Internet radio, DAB, DAB + and FM. It is also able to stream music from a library located on the PC or from home via an Ethernet or WiFi. 250 euros.

Jailbreak iPad

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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Radios to be on another wavelength - III

Bosch Power Box GML20

This AM / FM radio very original proposed by Bosch is designed and equipped for environments usually hostile to this type of equipment. The Power Box GML 20 Professional is a radio-resistant construction and dusty atmospheres of high humidity, can withstand a fall of 9 meters (the cage is made of aluminum coated with rubber), while providing a relatively good thanks to a subwoofer and four speakers to disseminate 360
​​° sound. The set is also equipped with a remote control and different takes to recharge a cell phone, an iPod ... 210 euros.

Radios to be on another wavelength - II

Environmentally Sound

The appearance of this radio is the most classic but "Environmentally Sound" is one of the first to be designed in an ecologically because it is composed almost entirely of cardboard. Created by a young designer, Chris Mc Nicholl, it comes as a pre-bent plate to mount is the same (without screws or glue) and can therefore easily be decorated according to taste (hinges, adhesives, etc..) and recycled at end of life. 30 euros.

Sunday 1 January 2012

Radios to be on another wavelength - I

Grundig Satellit 750

This model, worthy successor to the legendary Grundig Satellit series, opens the doors of the world with its reception modes AM / FM / LW Shortwave, Aviation and SSB (single sideband). The Satellit 750 is also over-equipped with an AM antenna rotating 360 °, a backlit LCD display, a squelch function, attenuation of the signal, RF gain, two BNC output for external antennas ... 380 euros. 

The Ministry of Culture, has downloaded illegally

Miss tracker! YouHaveDownloaded IP address was used on the website of the Ministry of Culture to see if the premises were a source of illegal downloads. Against all odds, the result is positive.

If the scanner 65 025 IP addresses of the Ministry was tedious, the record was worth it. Not less than 250 of them were used to circulate content pirates in the last two months. Among the downloaded files, there are movies, series, music, software, video games and even some naughty videos. These files appear several times in the list of download and different addresses, which suggests that computer makers have a rotating IP, which is automatically changed every connection or every time you restart the computer.

Announcing: San diego's Snap dragon Stadium

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Snapdragon by Qualcomm for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Many of us are us are acquainted with the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego! This well known stadium is going to rename as Snapdragon Stadium from December 18th for about 11 days. Qualcomm is an US based international telecommunications company that formulates, creates as well as make available in the markets the digital wireless telecommunications products also the services anchored in its CDMA technology along with further technologies.
I really love the idea of renaming the stadium! It is fun to be having some change, isn’t it? This wonderful stadium is one of the NFL’s famous and the oldest stadiums and while she occasionally appears to be diminishing spaced out in places, the renaming (however temporarily) is like a bright tiny smile for the old girl. Whilst renamed, the stadium will take part in host to a Baltimore Ravens Sunday night game as well as two college bowl games: the Poinsettia Bowl and the Holiday Bowl. My native is San Diego and I born and raised there, I have a dream to see “The Murph” turn out to be “The Q”. Even supposing this will be simply impermanent, I would like to be a branch of that crumb of history.
These excellent Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are the digital brains inside mobile devices made and are now in 300 mobile phones, tablets, and many more and still are anticipated to be in an additional 350 gadgets are now in progress. As Snapdragon processors turn out to be more influential, they are to be expected to initiate being give to things such as laptops as well as can establish influencing on an area in the past possessed by Intel.