Tuesday 3 January 2012

Radios to be on another wavelength - II

Environmentally Sound

The appearance of this radio is the most classic but "Environmentally Sound" is one of the first to be designed in an ecologically because it is composed almost entirely of cardboard. Created by a young designer, Chris Mc Nicholl, it comes as a pre-bent plate to mount is the same (without screws or glue) and can therefore easily be decorated according to taste (hinges, adhesives, etc..) and recycled at end of life. 30 euros.

Radio H2O Water Power

This shower radio is not very environmentally friendly battery powered by water, but, according to a technology patented by H2O. The principle of operation is relatively simple as having inserted and screwed the radio between the tap and shower hose, the pressure of the circulating water drives a small turbine that creates the energy required to operate the radio. 35 euros.

Model One "Cappellini" by Tivoli

Take the flagship model of a manufacturer of high-end radio, the Model One from Tivoli Audio, and put it in the hands of an Italian design of the popes of the past three decades, Giulio Cappellini, and you will get " Cappellini Model One. " This model is relatively simple in appearance, delivers a high quality of finishes and has outstanding with, for example, the seven layers of brilliant lacquer covering the case. The price of the Model One is different from 200 to 250 euros.

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