Saturday 14 January 2012

Bodyguard 9xi-HD01, the arm adopts an iPod / iPhone dock

In July, we talked about the famous gauntlet, or rather, the armed wing called the Bodyguard 9xi. This is an enhancement of self-defense has some features worthy of a superhero. The firm has ArmStar to update its armed with the prototype Bodyguard 9xi-HD01. The accessory from almost on the same basis as the Bodyguard 9xi, but differs from it in that it integrates a dock for iPod and iPhone. Both devices can be stored and loaded, while being protected on the arm. A new snowshoers who displease the gauntlet as the other loads between an electric deterrent system, a laser pointer and a device that generates an arc of electricity around the arm.

What intimidate any attacker. An HD camera is also part of the accessory. For now, the Bodyguard gauntlets are for law enforcement and armed forces and of course, they are not marketed.

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