Monday 16 January 2012

Siri: techno iPhone inspires hackers - V

Spotify Control

Siri is compatible with some applications of the iPhone, but too little to the taste of some developers. Here is one that wanted to enjoy Spotify on iPhone 4S, using only his voice. For this, he used SiriProxy that responds to requests from the voice recognition software. Of course, it is possible to request a particular artist and Siri will choose a song from Spotify's library. For example, "Spotify, play me some Nirvana" and you're done with more songs added to the current drive.

In addition to creating their own playlists, this hack Siri can interact with the reader in real time. "Pause," "Play the next song" or "Play the next song." Users can even ask Spotify on the current song, like a Shazam for example. Maddox, the developer behind Spotify for SiriProxy, has provided work for others to further improve the system.

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