Tuesday 10 January 2012

Kisai On Air, a digital-analog watch

With a design combining both sobriety and simplicity, this wristwatch called Kisai On Air is the latest creation from Tokyoflash. This is actually the realization of a concept at the request of fans of the brand.

If used, it is not easy to tell time on watches Tokyoflash, the Kisai On Air on it is rather easy to decipher. This is a watch both digital and analog. Its digital display shows a single figure that moves in a clockwise direction of an analog watch. To tell the time, the user need only identify which is the figure on the screen.
Its position indicates the time and the number shown represents the minute. In addition, Kisai On Air has a touch screen LCD backlight LED.

The watch is available in a black and silver only. Count € 147 for the acquisition of Kisai On Air. This watch Tokyoflash freshly stamped out in limited release.

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