Tuesday 10 January 2012

BlackBox, the printer for SMS

Those who have discovered the charming Little Printer a few weeks ago will naturally closer to the concept BlackBox. It also happens to be a compact printer.

BlackBox is cube-shaped and black. This black box has been designed specifically for on paper discussions on mobile devices whether it is SMS or instant messaging. Indeed, sometimes these discussions instant digital deserve to be archived on paper. Knowing that the phones have a limited storage capacity, BlackBox is an interesting solution to capture these ephemeral conversations and messages. BlackBox cable connects to smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Of course, the device does not print on A4 paper, it uses instead of the size of paper receipts and two copies each time.

BlackBox has been designed by designer Joe Doucet. The idea is quite interesting; however, it was more convenient to abandon the idea of the cable for a Bluetooth connection.

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