Tuesday 31 January 2012

Monologue for plants

It is well known that plants like to be told. The problem is that plants, in turn, do not communicate back and it is not clear about their needs.

To remedy this, a young South Korean designer has created a concept called Monologue. This is nothing more than a device that gives voice to the plants. The device is inspired by baby monitors, but this time it is the plant that is monitored. Monologue is composed of a digital display and a transparent rod embedding sensors.

The device must be planted in the soil near the plants to study their surroundings at all times. It then calculates parameters such as soil moisture or temperature.

It then serves as a means of communication for the plant by displaying messages like "I'm cold," "Jai need water," "I am happy" and many others. It is this concept of Hyun Seok Kang.


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