Saturday 14 January 2012

Stratolaunch Systems: an aircraft with excessive dimensions

After completing the Space Ship One, the spearhead of Virgin Galactic, the two friends Paul G. Allen and Burt Rutan have again worked together to give a more impressive result, literally.

The mountain was not an anti-climax as the duo wants to design the largest aircraft ever built. The craft was named Stratolaunch Systems. This is an aircraft carrier to be used for space tourism. Its mission is to transport rockets at high altitude. Burt Rutan remains true to its principles and takes the body double as the White Knight but with a size that is closer to that of a Boeing 747. Accusing 500 tonnes on the scale, Stratolaunch Systems is equipped with wings of 125 meters wide. It is powered by six reactors Jumbo Jet.

Initially, the machine should supply the ISS and launch satellites. It takes at least five years before the world's largest aircraft shall not transport space tourists.

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