Tuesday 31 January 2012

RideKick, a trailer to make an electric bike

Although they proved very useful especially in the ribs, lesvélos power are far from unanimous in particular because of their high price. The American group RideKick had the idea to design a trailer that turns any bike into electric bike.

With a lead-acid battery of 24 volts powering a 500 watt electric motor, trailer motor is capable of propelling the bicycle at a speed of 30 km / h. Cruise control supplied with the equipment to be installed on the handlebars.

Climb a hill or coming home after a long bike ride session will be easier with this equipment. Battery Power Trailer RideKick takes six hours to refuel and to load the battery life is estimated at 20 km.

The installation of the trailer only takes a few minutes. RideKick PT is not removable as an electric motor; it is also a luggage rack that can carry a volume of 42 liters. Price of the item: $ 699. For now RideKick PT is available in the United States.

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