Tuesday 3 January 2012

Radios to be on another wavelength - III

Bosch Power Box GML20

This AM / FM radio very original proposed by Bosch is designed and equipped for environments usually hostile to this type of equipment. The Power Box GML 20 Professional is a radio-resistant construction and dusty atmospheres of high humidity, can withstand a fall of 9 meters (the cage is made of aluminum coated with rubber), while providing a relatively good thanks to a subwoofer and four speakers to disseminate 360
​​° sound. The set is also equipped with a remote control and different takes to recharge a cell phone, an iPod ... 210 euros.

Bending is a flexible concept FM radio designed by four Taiwanese designers Wu Kun-chia, Wang Shih-ju, Chen Ming-daw and Liou Chang-ho. The idea is to have a way to set to receive a single frequency (depending on the city or country where it goes), easy to transport and store (in a portfolio for example) and self-contained one hand, the speaker and the other, the flexible photovoltaic cell. 

R1 MKII Deluxe Vita Audio

An article in the Sunday Telegraph did not hesitate, recently, described as "Aston Martin of digital radios" R1 MKII Deluxe Vita Audio. Everything is pretty much said on this small table radio with exceptional finishes and high-end sound quality. The model can, in addition, be accompanied by accessories to take this radio everywhere with you such as a leather carrying case and rechargeable battery to fix the back. 220 euros.

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