Sunday 1 January 2012

The Ministry of Culture, has downloaded illegally

Miss tracker! YouHaveDownloaded IP address was used on the website of the Ministry of Culture to see if the premises were a source of illegal downloads. Against all odds, the result is positive.

If the scanner 65 025 IP addresses of the Ministry was tedious, the record was worth it. Not less than 250 of them were used to circulate content pirates in the last two months. Among the downloaded files, there are movies, series, music, software, video games and even some naughty videos. These files appear several times in the list of download and different addresses, which suggests that computer makers have a rotating IP, which is automatically changed every connection or every time you restart the computer.

As stated in the site nikopik, "Either there is truly illegal downloads or the use of IP addresses to identify possible cases of illegal downloading is not at all reliable" system used by the Hadopi. This is not the first time the test is performed; film studios and the Elysee were also trapped. Certainly, recognition of the facts was not the strongest of all.

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