Saturday 7 January 2012

Radios to be on another wavelength - IV

Terratec Noxon A540 + by

Proposed format 17-inch (43 centimeter) to be integrated into a configuration of elements hi-fi standards, the A540 + Noxon Terratec is a proposed Internet radio, DAB, DAB + and FM. It is also able to stream music from a library located on the PC or from home via an Ethernet or WiFi. 250 euros.


Evoke Mio "Abacus" Pure

This other digital radio and FM portable vintage look is provided by Pure who asked for the opportunity to fashion designer Orla Kiely to imagine the motives and finishes. Evoque called Mio "Abacus", she is dressed in leather, walnut veneer, but also an OLED screen (with automatic adjustment of brightness based on ambient light), a connection for iPod and a USB port for updates of new features. 230 euros.

DAB2go Tangent

This is one of the latest models compatible DAB, DAB + and FM Danish manufacturer Tangent. This portable radio comes with RDS, scan, alarm clock, USB charging ... and is available in many finishes: blue turquoise, green, white, black and red lacquered wood veneer, matte black ...

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