Monday 16 January 2012

Siri: a technology that inspires iPhone hackers - II

Order a room thermostat

Siri can be seen as a gimmick, but here's a use that could be handy, especially for perennial chilly. A few days after the crack of the application by the French team of Applidium, an American developer calling themselves Plamon unveiled SiriProxy, a proxy server at any point similar to the voice server used by Apple to Siri. Once activated, it automatically connects Siri to offer new orders. Plamon first example, the ability to adjust the thermostat from room to room using the voice command software from Apple.

This works provided they are connected via WiFi, but does not require any jailbreak first. As can be seen on the video below, this improved version of Siri is able not only to give the temperature of a room, but also to report if the heating is on. Above all, this demonstration shows that we can determine, just by using his iPhone, a specific temperature for a room. The developer pushes to demonstrate putting the phone next to the thermostat, it works!

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