Sunday 29 January 2012

Laboratories: looks like the high-tech of the future - VI

Software that can guess your feelings

Researchers in Madrid have developed a system that analyzes and recognizes emotions phone users or computers. The devices can recognize the negative emotions such as anger, boredom or doubt, taking into account the tone of voice, the flow of words or pauses between words, and can adapt to the mood of the user. So no need to cry on your iPhone or on your PC!

Solar energy in painting

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame made
​​a discovery in the field of renewable energy. They produced a paste made ​​from titanium dioxide and cadmium sulphate which, in contact with light, produces electricity.

In addition, this new energy source is inexpensive. However capacity is ten times lower than solar panels. But if research continues and that this painting manages to produce more energy, it will be a small revolution.

Controlling magnetism

Technologies based on magnetism have long fascinated researchers, and this year has been conducive to good progress in this area. A team of Japanese researchers has demonstrated that it is possible to activate and deactivate the magnetic material at room temperature. The magnetism of a material is determined by a property that all electrons possess: the "spin". A material is magnetic when he has the same spin.

The researchers added cobalt to titanium dioxide, a nonmagnetic semiconductor, to create a new material, like a chameleon can move from paramagnetic (magnetic or not) to ferromagnetic phase (magnetic). This process will generate less heat and consume less energy.

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