Sunday 28 August 2011

When Nature Call

It is not unusual to see people relieve their bladders against a tree trunk. An action that has consequences on plants. A designer was inspired by this bad habit as old as the world to achieve an innovative concept. The concept is called When Nature Calls.  

This is a public urinal with a difference. Its base is cylindrical in shape like a tree trunk overcome by plants. The installation features a filtering system that purifies the urine into water and moistening the middle of the plants. The urine passes through three filters containing activated carbon, limestone and greensand. Urinate on a bush has never been so useful. It is this creation like no other designer in Eddie Gandelman.

Beats By Dr. Dre Monster Beats

Not so long ago, the rapper and producer Dr. Dre California launched a range of headphones with the Beats by Dr. Dre Monster Beats. In addition to the lovers of Hip Hop culture, the famous helmet has obviously not left indifferent designers.

rStream, an electric motorcycle

To contribute to the fight against congestion and pollution in the city, the French designer Clement Lagneau devised a concept electric motorcycle called rStream. Nothing is more compact than two-wheelers and healthier an electric vehicle.

A fixed phone line to connect the family

Since the popularization of mobile phones, fixed phones are put away, gradually becoming an instrument deemed unnecessary. Several designers, including Tom Hunt, however, try to renew the genre. Home Phone's main task is to maintain contact between each member of the family. In the heart of the house, he uses the internet to contact various family members via their mobile phone or computer. 


Features of a Good E-Commerce Website

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A Robot Specialized In Demolitions

Those present in the demolition sites often face significant risks. To reduce or eliminate these risks, a Turkish designer has made a concept called Cynomys, a remote controlled robot to perform certain tasks. Cynomys has two arms with great freedom of movement. Supported by four-wheel off-road and independent, this vaguely remember a robot Wall-E. Each wheel features a electric motor. However, the robot can be equipped with two tracks of land to survey more difficult.

Ring Against Dehydration

Some sections of the population: the elderly, children, pregnant women ... are particularly at risk of dehydration during hot weather periods. To address this problem, two designers meet the names and You Wu Yao Liangliang devised a system to monitor the moisture content of a person.

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

The vacuuming robot that wakes up heavy sleepers

All means are good to get up early and designer Jeongmi Lee made ​​a very interesting concept. The concept is called Robot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner or in the language of Molière. A name that would think a Roomba, but the concept does more than clean the floor. Indeed, besides its function housewife Robot Cleaner is also an alarm clock that not only sounds the alarm at the right time but also removes the cover of the person to wake up, as would a mother to wake up a young slacker effectively.

Bionic glasses at the prototype stage

The National Institute of Health Research has developed a sophisticated pair of glasses that are able to improve the vision of a person with visual impairments. The eyeglass frame embeds a digital camera on its side and an LED display in the glasses. When the user moves the eye, the camera films which is in its field of view and transmits real-time images at the screen. The images are improved based on visual impairment suffered by the user. The system also displays the augmented reality to indicate useful information to the individual, as the distance between the various obstacles, for example.

Triangles security LED drivers

The devices that increase road safety are always welcome. After promising Safety Distance, we discover a whole new concept designed to prevent accidents on motorways.

The concept is called LED Lights Barrier. This concept proposes to improve the safety triangles made ​​compulsory for French motorists in recent months. Indeed, instead of reflective tape which they are currently equipped, this new device features LED.

Phoenix Termite Control

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Monday 15 August 2011

And if the cars were expressing emotions?

Cars as we know it could well see a revolution in size in coming years if one relies on the concept of Face Value. Indeed, a very experienced German designer presented a concept vehicle expressing emotions. The designer in question is called Lukas Rittwage. This student Hochshule Anhalt found that cars lose more and more the emotional side as well as technology advances gradually the automotive industry.

i3, a concept electric BMW stamped soon?

i3 is an electric car approached to join the ranks of German giant BMW soon. This is a vehicle 5-door hatchback. The car displays a modern, urban and attractive. The side windows are large and occupy almost the entire surface of the four doors, revealing the interior of the car. It is the same for the glass roof. The interior is quite revolutionary with a touch panel and multifunction.

A door handle which becomes flashlight

No need to fumble in the dark looking for the door when you wake up at night or during a power outage. A trio of concept designer produced a door handle, LED Door Handle, which can see more clearly. LED Door Handle is, as its name implies, a door handle which has two LED lights, one at its base and the other at its end. The first uses very little energy and glows continuously to indicate the path to the door.

Imprinted Office Supplies

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Saturday 6 August 2011

Sinus Blue tooth headphones and speakers

Why choose between headphones and portable speakers when you can see both at once? This is what the German designer Tino Klaehn with its concept called SinusSinus is a dual-function concept as often seen in recent times. Posing as a headset design, it can turn into speakers at any time. The aesthetic is at the forefront with this ultra-modern helmet declined in several versions for different reasons.

Latest Updates in Google Docs and Gmail

The Mountain View Company brings some new blood to its Gmail and Google Docs. The main changes are at the interface of the two services.  Google Docs is adorned therefore a button to switch to this new interface or go back. It seems especially thought for the touch pads is much simpler and streamlined than before, and decked out with large buttons and a mode for changing the display of the number of documents visible on screen. We also note more important keyboard shortcuts, and list all back.

E-Castor tells us a story

After the e-books now is the time of "electronic tellers" like the concept Dimi Storybook. Dimi Storybook is a unique device that reads stories, narratives or other stories at the bedside of a person. Although it has been designed especially for children, Dimi Storybook can be interesting for adults wanting to relax by listening to a reading. This is an electronic reading high voice text that can be supported.

Laptop to handle like a book

Real ultraportable notebook is a concept that can be manipulated as easily as a open book. With a flexible AMOLED display, this notebook can be laminated to a browser more "realistic". The term notebook has never been so close to reality for a concept of ultraportable.

Bbest VoIP Providers

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