Saturday, 6 August 2011

E-Castor tells us a story

After the e-books now is the time of "electronic tellers" like the concept Dimi Storybook. Dimi Storybook is a unique device that reads stories, narratives or other stories at the bedside of a person. Although it has been designed especially for children, Dimi Storybook can be interesting for adults wanting to relax by listening to a reading. This is an electronic reading high voice text that can be supported.

The narrator also supports electronic images and sounds for a richer narrative. Externally, Dimi Storybook is as a device as big as a book with a simple interfaces. It is flanked by attractive design and decoration. With this device, it is possible to create custom effects with stories to listen to children. Dimi Storybook was designed by the designer Siri Johansson. The concept has won a Red Dot last year.

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