Monday, 15 August 2011

And if the cars were expressing emotions?

Cars as we know it could well see a revolution in size in coming years if one relies on the concept of Face Value. Indeed, a very experienced German designer presented a concept vehicle expressing emotions. The designer in question is called Lukas Rittwage. This student Hochshule Anhalt found that cars lose more and more the emotional side as well as technology advances gradually the automotive industry.
To address this issue, it offers a unique concept: Face Value. This is a car that displays different terms "facial". Indeed, the front of the vehicle looks vaguely like a face. The expression of this face is animated by different LED lights adorning the front of the vehicle. These lights are particularly at lights and instead of calendering.

The effect is quite stunning and the cars seem to really be mine. What could be more efficient than a car that is expressed when it encounters a failure?

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