Thursday 30 October 2014

'Cloud' Boosts Microsoft Earnings Beyond Their Expectations

According to the reports published by Microsoft, although their revenue was more than what was forecasted by the analysts, the net profits of the company during the same quarter of last year dipped from $ 5.2 billion to $ 4.5 billion.

Now Microsoft has reported in quarterly profits, which are beyond their expectations. The company has attributed this boost to their Xbox consoles and internet cloud services that were being offered to different enterprises.

According to financial reports, the revenue of the company has reached over $ 23 billion, which is the best figure for the first quarter of any fiscal year. This boost in the revenue has pushed the shares of the US technology giant by nearly 3.8 % which is now at $ 46.75 in all after-market trades.

According to Satya Nadella, “Microsoft Company is looking towards faster innovation, engaging far more deeply through the industry and they are ensuring that their customers are the focal point of every process as it will help in shaping up the future of the company.

The company has confirmed that the record setting high revenue is because of the huge popularity of their Xbox video game consoles and Surface tablet computers apart from turning business to software offered as services as in the Internet "cloud."

According to Kevin Turner, who is Microsoft’s chief operating officer, the customers are now willingly accepting their latest technologies like Office 365 and Surface Pro 3 to Azure and SQL Server (cloud based) meant for corporate customers.

The net revenue of the Microsoft's customer and device unit increased to 47 % and reached $ 10.96 billion. The company was able to bring in nearly $ 1 billion from the sales of their Surface Pro 3 tablet computer.

The sale of Xbox consoles increased and was nearly doubled their value at $ 2.4 million in the quarter, which basically observed the new versions of the Xbox consoles being sold out in more than 28 new markets. According to Microsoft, there was a 10 % increase in the revenue from the commercial offerings of the company like that of Office 365. 128% growth was seen in Azure according to the company.

Nadella during their press brief held in San Francisco gave details about the latest changes and modifications in the strategies of Microsoft, which will enable them to attract more companies and businesses.

They are aiming to do so with their ability to hit the power of colossal online data centers whenever required. At this event Nadella was seen boasting about the fact that the company’s cloud is currently the most completed cloud services offered, which can empower every organization, every company across various industries and different locations and geography.

Microsoft was focused on highlighting the main fact that they have been using their power in the software’s which are used by companies to basically benefit from a trend which is moving towards renting of the computer power, their storage as well as software as services that is hosted at data centers with the cloud internet.

Now GPS Support And Free Music With Android Wear Updates

Android Wear
With many companies venturing into the wearable game, Google has kept up their promise they had made last month. The company has started rolling out their first few major updates for the android wear. This is Google’s operating system for the wearables.

What’s the advantage of the update?

The newest update from the company focuses on the fitness features and will allow the Android wear powered smart watches to also support a built in GPS sensor, music playback as well as music storage. The latest update will allow the users to connect with Bluetooth headsets independently to listen to the music. With the addition of GPS function, the Android wearable devices will be able to track the user’s activities like distance, route, and even speed without the need to be connected with any smartphones. The device users will be able to not only re-sync their fitness stats, but also transfer all the data from their wearable devices to their smart phones.

The users of the wearable devices will be able to  store music on their smart watches and also will be able to connect to a Bluetooth device and listen to them offline now. They will no longer need to rely on smartphones to listen to music. With the latest version of Google Play music supporting this function, Moto 360, LG G watch and even Samsung Gear Live users will also be able to draw benefits from this functionality. Apart from Google, Sony’s Smartwatch 3 also comes with GPS sensor for their Android Wear smart watches. These are now available throughout USA for purchase. Apart from this latest update, Google has now promised to come up with another update which will allow users to download watch faces from the Google Play store.

This update has certainly calmed down the speculation pertaining to the wearables for being merely useless devices when away from the smart phones. Battery life has been an added advantage since their launch. Apart from this update the company has also developed 8 new apps for the Android wearable collections, which is available in Google play. This includes apps for travelling, social as well as health and fitness applications.

The new update brings out the music experience that a user wants to feel without the burden of carrying a handset while walking or exercising. Initially the device which had to rely on a companion for this function will now will be able to perform the function and moreover will be able to pair up with another Bluetooth device and the music can be played on the paired device as well.

If you are among the people desperately waiting for this update to be rolled out worldwide and soon, then you might have to wait for some more days. The company is rolling out the latest update in the devices stage by stage. But at the end the user will be able to enjoy music by using Google Ecosystem and by giving refined controls to other apps of the device as well.

Chrome and Android Merger Coming Close To Reality

Chrome Android Merger
The talks regarding the merging of the Android and Chore Os into one single platform is nothing new and it has been expected for a long in industry.

The Tech enthusiasts and analysts were apprehensive of the merger from the very first day Google introduced its cloud-based operating system. The Google co-founder SergyBrinhas also admitted to their merger in a single platform as long back as 2009.

Only now the reports are filling with show with positivity towards much waited merger news. The Wall Street Journal has reported that such a merger is looking extremely likely due to the change in the management structure inside the software giant technology department.

The Change In The Google Management Structure

The Vice President of the Google’s Android Division named Hiroshi Lockheimer has been appointed to overlook the task of Chrome engineering team. Earlier this job was performed by Linus Upson.

How Tech Analysts View This Change

The Tech analysts are of view is that this move should be seen in isolation rather than it has meaning hidden behind him. They have finally begun to see some synergy between the two platforms. Last month Google has even brought the first batch of Android apps which could run effectively well on its clod Os i.e. Chromebook.

These Android apps are Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words and Vine. These applications could easily run on the Chrome by using the App Runtime for Chrome (the beta version); this project was announced by Google in June this year.

A Secret Project Called ‘Hera’ Points Towards Imminent Merger

The rumours suggests that the search engine giant is running an ambitious project inside named ‘Hera’ which would represent a huge step forward in effectively integrating the Google’s popular mobile-based operating system ‘Android’ with its web based operating system ‘Chrome’ and it powerful search platform.

The Merger of the three distinctive services will give a new kind of advanced experience for the users. Google is expected to do this by using a special Chromium build which is meant to run on Android and execute tasks through the web both for the Google and third-part apps as well.

There are rumours that this merger would allow the users to call functions from third-party apps without having to open the app. It is touted to be a great feature for enterprise users juggling multiple tasks on a small mobile screen.

The Future Prospects of the Merger

As of now the search engine giant is working with a select group of Android developers for adding more of the popular app on the Chromebook. It is also working towards developing such apps which would work seamlessly on both the platforms and could provide a unique and beautiful experience to its users.

Some even suggests that this project looks more like an Androidfication of the Chrome than just a merger of two services. Google wishes to introduce us toward a world where Chrome is the computing platform of choice for users and it would be able to run across various operating systems and devices flawlessly.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Twitter Unveils ‘Fabric’ Platform for Developers

twitter Fabric
The success and popularity of the social networking sites like Twitter or also Facebook depends totally on the achievement of those persons who develop many interesting and ideal apps since apps are the most significant part of these sites.

For example, Facebook has obtained a huge number of users due to the social games created by Zynga Inc. Furthermore, the services on the site of Twitter have achieved usability owing to the thousands of applications. These apps permit the public to shorten the web links, display photos and even utilize the Smartphone to get the service.

There are already more than million of apps all over the world that want technical maintenance to stay up and operate, and long-term business policy of Twitter is to endow developers with the necessary tools to make cash from their apps and prevent them from crashing.

A conference for the App makers to launch tools-

Few years ago, Twitter developed some firm rules and regulations regarding the apps development in social media and as a result, it annoyed many developers. But, recently Twitter has brought out some attractive news for those developers by arranging a conference for them. It is going to declare a new set of tools for the app makers.

The social network was stocking up on the developer-based tools over the previous 18 months, holding the startups such as Crashlytics that helps the makers to debug and check new apps. If app makers utilize Crashlytics to analyze and fix their app, they are more probably to use MoPub to promote on it. And in the future, when Twitter releases the best, pricier versions of those tools, the present customers will probably upgrade.

The new service of the tools will be given though a last platform known as Fabric. Fabric that is free, will provide developers a channel to report troubles in the development procedure by means of Crashlytics The tools will incorporate some things from Crashlytics. It is a crash-reporting tool that is used by different companies to know when their apps would crash on the customer devices and it was acquired by Twitter in the year 2013.

Main Goal of Twitter

But, this meeting with the developers will not be to promote the mobile manufacturers to build on this social networking site. The discussion in the conference will be more like a general conversation. The focus in this conference will be mainly to create a good relationship with the app makers by offering them some free tools so that Twitter will be able to earn some profit in this context.

Ryan Sarver, who is an associate of Redpoint Ventures and an ex- director of Twitter mentioned about the same thing. He also said that a new type of service from this social media sites is pleasing to all of the mobile makers, it can create a good bond with further some more developers in the future. He did not speak clearly enough early on concerning which apps it aimed to make and which it wished developers would create. Twitter must make reliable apps for the sake of the users.

However, the relationship became controversial in August of 2012 while Twitter implemented some severe necessities for third-party apps and basically ordered apps which would be capable to flourish in the future years. The company was attempting to take control over the user experience and starting to build features that had been created by external developers.

Apple Glass Maker Makes Deal To Exit The Arizona Plant

According to the reports published by New Hampshire-based GT Advanced Technologies, Merrimack on 23rd Oct 2014, the company is looking forward to invest and sell furnaces and want to exit from their glass-making business. On 6th Oct, GTAT had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. According to the company they will be using the proceedings to refund $439 million Apple advanced GT to equip the Mesa, Arizona, plant. Currently this agreement needs approval from the bankruptcy court judge.

According to the recent reports, nearly 20000 furnaces are expected to be removed from an Arizona factory which were installed for making synthetic sapphire glass for Apple company. These furnaces will be sold under a deal that has been made between the company and the tech giant.

The company is currently preparing for producing large amounts of products that will be used in various Apple products. Currently Cupertino-based Apple has retained the rights to purchase the furnaces.

Last November, Apple company had announced that they will be purchasing a vacant 1.3 million-square-foot plant and will be contracting GT technologies for operation as well as making the glass which is currently being used on their iPhones camera lenses, and also on the home buttons.

With speculations surrounding the iPads and iPhone screens, the company was still unsure about the use of the massive source of the glass. On the other hand, GT technologies encountered issues to get the plant running successfully and Apple company has to release their latest iPhone 6 with their standard glass screen this September.

Apple is currently in the process of laying off nearly 124 employees of this plant which is expected to be completely closed by the end of 2014. They are also looking towards closing another small plant in Salem, Massachusetts.

Apple was quite surprised by the bankruptcy filing from GTAT. Apple released an official report on 23rd Oct 2014 stating that they have put forth a lot of energy and efforts towards their grand new sapphire manufacturing process along with GT Advanced Technologies but they are currently not ready for any production.

The company is planning to continue assessing the GTAT's progress pertaining to huge sapphire boule development and might consider other options for their facility. According to reports, Apple is quite concerned about the employees that will be laid off and hence they are looking to get new jobs for the GT employees and also want to remain committed towards Mesa city.

Initially, GT technologies were using the furnaces for making huge amounts of synthetic sapphire which was in turn used for making various components, but now they are concentrating to focusing on making the equipments that are used in the sapphire making process.

According to the Governor of Arizona, they are very happy with Apple’s decision to start a new plant in the City of Mesa as it indicates the efforts of Arizona is paying towards providing a pro-business climate. The state has been offering various incentives to Apple in the form of their existing facilities which was meant for manufacturing of Solar panel.

Google Wants Their Inbox to Become the Email System for the Next Decade

The year 2004 saw Google’s signature email program hitting the web for the first time. At that time people considered it as the biggest gift anyone can receive since sending and receiving messages and emails was becoming a daily issue. Nearly 2 years back, Google’s email team designers and engineers formed a team and they were thinking that Gmail was not able to meet all the required expectations. But now emails have started becoming tedious again.

Email is no longer means of just basic communication, it involves complete correspondence, and people are able to receive alerts from different social networking sites, airlines, online shopping stores. It is part of life and performs some of the most important functions on a daily basis. Email not only aids in file sharing, but also helps in storing important documents.

There are people who rely on email for keeping a track of their meeting, calendars’, task planner and even to make it their task manager nearly every day. Apart from performing all these important functions, there are people who might find emails at times very annoying. This is the reason which prompted the Gmail think to rethink about the concept behind email.

According to Gmail's product director, Alex Gawley, they wanted to build something that will be more helpful to people. They wanted to completely rethink about the total concept of emails and build something that will completely change the mind of people and people will rely on things which matters to them all the time.

The team worked on a program currently called as Inbox which the company will be releasing on iOS, Android and the web, but only on invitation-only basis. The Inbox is a long term replacement of Gmail and people shouldn’t be considering it as mere update. Although Gmail will still exist, but the team is looking forward to perform future works on Inbox. User can login to Inbox through the Google account and they will find everything that they had in Gmail. They are expecting people to use Inbox more than Gmail.

The Inbox will replace the Gmail screen with a screen with a similar line of social networking feeds. If a user received photos in the Inbox, they can see the pictures in the main screen and flip through them. The iOS version basically integrates the to-do list and social functionality. Google's data-mining prowess has been used for improving the highlights of this credit Inbox. Users will be able to create reminders and tasks alongside the messages received in the inbox.

The task creation has been made very smartly as it will be able to pull relevant information from the data stored in your phone. On the flip side some of the features are not fully novel. This will require users to use a series of gestures just to navigate and sort out the messages. One might feel this similar to the feature available in DropBox. Inbox can easily categorize your emails in the similar ways like outlook and Gmail. But at the moment apart from the invited people, others will have to wait to get their own app.

Building Telecommunication Infrastructure in Developing Nations

In the United States of America, many successful foreign-born entrepreneurs are proud of their heritage. In fact, such individuals might use their experience, wealth and status to help with efforts in other countries. When the Taliban regime came into power in Afghanistan, many educated citizens fled to other nations, including the United States. Decades later, such Afghanis are returning to Afghanistan with the goal of rebuilding the infrastructure of an entire nation. The backward Taliban has significantly slowed down economic and technological growth in Afghanistan, so some U.S.-based telecommunication entrepreneurs are eager to rebuild their native country.

The telecommunication infrastructure of Afghanistan is being slowly rebuilt thanks to cooperation between the United States military and the nation's government. For example, radio broadcasting towers and other structures that have been used exclusively by the U.S. military are being converted for civil use. For the first time in many years, citizens of Afghanistan get the chance to listen to public radio broadcasts that deliver important information and entertainment.

Telecommunication entrepreneurs also work closely with satellite programs of multiple nations such as the United States. Satellites can be used to establish a wireless network in Afghanistan's mobile phone users. Building cell phone towers and traditional land phone lines might be quite difficult because of the nation's geographical challenges. Therefore, satellite-based wireless service seems like the most viable telecommunication solution in modern Afghanistan.

Private contractors and foreign governments provide much-needed assistance in initiating cell phone service within this country. Afghani telecommunication executives who live in the United States might provide plenty of technical support for the software issues. Additionally, such business people can come up with viable plans for distributing mobile phones to remote parts of Afghanistan that are inhabited by tribes and other groups that are not very familiar with modern technology. A telecommunication service like Afghan Wireless and other mobile phone plans are examples of technology initiatives undertaken by U.S. business people in Afghanistan.

High-ranking officials and other prominent figures in Afghanistan are in desperate need of reliable telecommunication solutions. Such people might be able to afford mobile phone plans that provide the fastest possible connections such as 4G speeds. However, the civilian population in Afghanistan has access to slower 3G connections that are considered quite advanced compared to the poor telecommunication services in third-world countries.

A nation such as Afghanistan allows foreign telecommunication companies to experiment with brand-new technology. The country is perfect for testing innovative infrastructure and other hardware that might not be approved in western countries. In fact, research and development for satellite-based communication can be done in nations such as Afghanistan because there is limited regulation. This country openly welcomes any initiatives that will benefit the development of mobile phone services for masses of people.

Afghanistan is also a great location for testing satellite signals and other wireless transmission that would otherwise be strictly regulated by major agencies in western countries. For example, the FAA would not allow telecommunication companies to conduct large-scale testing operations in areas that receive heavy air traffic. In developing nations, mobile phone companies could also experiment with building new satellite receivers for TV broadcasts and high-speed Internet connections.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Know How Flipkart Snapdeal and Amazon Are Funding Discounts!

Online shopping is a rage of late. Owing to the busy lives of people, most do not have time to go to shops every now and then whenever they need to. In these case, online shopping comes as a very convenient option.

The cash on delivery facility is a huge hit in addition to the popular payment modes through credit or debit card options. People are lured in buying online even more due to the attractive discounts that they give. The most popular online shopping sites are Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. People have built a trust on these sites and they strive to provide effective and competent services to the customers so that they can keep the much needed trust.

The attractive discounts count for the exponential sales on these sites. Here, we will be looking into how Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal funds the discounts that they frequently give to the customers.

How they Fund the Discounts

Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal essentially work as marketplaces. No FDI is imposed on e-commerce in India and these sites make use of this policy itself. FDI is imposed only on those sites, which engages in linking buyers and sellers.

These sites fund the discounts using strategies which are extremely complex and make use of the fact that FDI is not applicable everywhere. The sites see to it that they incur maximum profit by making proper use of the different financial policies of the Indian law.

Even though these sites do not have the power to completely decide on the price or discount on a product, the sites have established for itself a platform where they can make such decisions, owing to their popularity and strength of their business in the market. Most of these sites do not breach laws because their business greatly depends on the reputation they maintain.

These firms deal with the customers directly in these cases. In these cases, it is seen that the site selling the goods keeps a cut for himself from the discounted price and returns the rest of the proceeds to the actual manufacturer of the item.

In case of e-commerce tax is collected on the actual cost of the product and at the price at which is finally sold to the customer. If the customer pays a lesser amount then the tax collected is lesser than what actually must be received if the discount wasn’t allowed. In such cases, thus sellers become eligible for getting a tax refund from the tax department of that particular state.

Online shopping is highly dependent on the discounts given on the various products. These discounts are a testament to show how these sites invest the large amount of money that has been raised from the investors.

An adverse effect of providing such discounts is that the brick and mortar shops are getting highly affected. They have to maintain their establishment costs and thus cannot provide such huge discounts. Shoppers on the other hand are going for profitable discounts available on the Internet.

Air Umbrella

Air Umbrella

Air Umbrella 1
The Air Umbrella – Adjustable to the Power of Storm

The Air Umbrella is the product that has been developed in China which does not use fabric to keep a person dry, but forced air and has been designed by Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon in order to change not only the umbrella’s core design but also to make it adjustable to the power of a storm. The forced air can create a canopy over an individual in the same manner of a traditional fabric designed umbrella, which keep the showers of rain from falling on the person and when the rain subsides or the person has reached the desired location, all that is needed is to put the device in the bag since it is in dry form.

The appearance of the Air Umbrella is a rather big flashlight which consists of a motor and fan which forces the air up thus creating a shield. There is a chargeable battery in the shaft of the umbrella and the base is equipped with a button which can turn the Air Umbrella in `off’ or a `on’ mode and the size of the canopy can be adjusted which can be to anything up to over a meter in diameter or adequate to keep two people dry during the rains.

Device Tested – Remarkable Performance 

This Smart device has been tested at the time of heavy rainfall and according to the people who designed it, has shown remarkable performance.

The concept of the Air Umbrella is that it removes the plastic top from the umbrella replacing it with a wind shield which sucks the air through the bottom and then shoots out at the top in a pattern like a standard canopy.

The power and the canopy size controls are towards the bottom of the shaft which provides the person with the ability to strengthen the force of the air, thereby giving scope to widen the canopy to adjust according to the rainfall.

This would enable the person with protection against storms which a normal umbrella may lack though the air curtain stands a better option to face strong winds than a standard fabric umbrella. The absence of the canopy also saves in shaking off the water before going indoors.

Three Models to be Developed – Launch September 2015

The downside being that it has a motor and the Air Umbrella tends to make some noise though the same is not noticed with the sound of the rain and the air that is pushed by the Air Umbrella pushes the raindrops up to a distance of 70 centimetres away.

Should the rain tend to be come diagonally, all one needs to do is to change the way one holds the Air Umbrella. The cheapest Air Umbrella is offered at a price of $118 though they are being sold at a very fast speed.

There have been three models that will be developed, one being of 30 cm running for 15 minutes on a charge, another of 50 cm running for 30 minutes per charge and the 80 cm version too running for 30 minutes per charge. Presently the battery life is short but the company of Air Umbrella are striving to extend this together with the design within the next ten months and production would probably start somewhere in September 2015.

Ex-Tesla and NASA Engineers Made a Smart Light Bulb

Alba Stack

Smart Light Bulb – Alba 

Great are the improvements made by man and with the help of advanced technology, have helped in enhancing the life style of individuals. Neil Joseph and Jovi Gacusan, Ex-Tesla and NASA engineers have partnered together and created a smart light bulb which according to them is an immense difference in the new lamp.

The recently unveiled Alba bulbs have sensor packed illuminator which changes brightness and colour based on the time of the day, location as well as to those who may be present in the room which is the world’s first responsive bulb.The Alba has embedded sensors which enable to respond intelligently to the surrounding atmosphere.

It begins with cooler and a much natural white hues on waking up and can switch to relaxing, warm colours when it tends to get late. It also can dim or shut off the lights whenever there is a good amount of ambient light, or if a person has left for work. Moreover it also can come to life when there is a commotion.

If interested in tweak settings, the mobile app can be used though the goal is to avoid using it as far as possible. Just like a Nest thermostat. Alba tends to learn the appropriate behaviour and enables you to keep the phone device in the pocket.

A 60% to 80% Savings on Electricity Consumption

The idea of the bulb developed when Neil Joseph while sitting around in his office, one sunny day, thought, why the lights should be on with full power when full sunlight came pouring through the windows. This led him to speculate on it resulting in the creation of Alba which is able to sense the lighting in the environment it is placed in and adjust its power accordingly.

He also claims that it can result in a 60% to 80% savings on electricity consumption when compared with the traditional LED lamp, which is already more sustainable than an incandescent lamp. Moreover, the colour of the light can also be controlled.

According to Joseph, it can shine preferably as a bluish light during the morning which can help to stimulate the brain while throughout the day; the lighting could be a more reddish colour to bring about a sense of warmth in the atmosphere.

Launch – First Quarter of 2015

Besides this, the Alba is also capable of learning the routine of the people that live within a house and can also predict when the light of a room would need to be lit and over a period of time this awareness would also tend to improve.

With the use of the app, one can set standards for certain type of light situations and the user could opt on how they would prefer the light at the time of dinner or later on. Manual adjustments could also help to add up to the data learned by Alba.

The launch of Alba is likely to take place in the first quarter of 2015 and would probably be sold in a package with two light bulbs at a cost of US$150 with additional of US$60 for each bulb. Users could pre-order the Alba system ahead of its launch for a starter kit with two bulbs according to their requirements.

Power of Big Data Analytics

Cloud Physics
Several companies tend to use Big Data technology across various industries to identify new options in improving their functions.

Cloud Physics is one such company who strives in bringing the power of Big Data analytics to every data centre, in capturing data with virtualized infrastructure, analyse it, providing great insights which could be helpful in making smarter data driven operational options.

Infographic helps in bringing about visual representations of information, data or knowledge which could present complex information accurately to the viewers. This could improve cognition through the utilization of graphics thereby enhancing the visual system of the human’s ability in seeing patterns and the trends.

The idea of the creation of infographic could be considered as data visualization, information architecture or information design. But there could be some scary things lurking in your data centre and CloudPhysics has brought about an awareness of some of the hidden hazards which could be lurking in virtualized data centres.

Data centres could tend to be fraught and could include hidden operational problems and since virtual infrastructure could be somewhat complex and dynamic, several vulnerabilities could go unnoticed and could be difficult to identify while on the other hand known hazards tend to get ignored since the administrators either underestimate, or don’t comprehend the scope, risk and severity.

Report Analysis on Virtualized Data Centre 

The company specializes in identifying and resolving issues which could affect virtualized infrastructures. A graphic in the spirit of Halloween, identifies issues like Heartbleed and renders control which could have unexpected repercussion on the operation of IT infrastructures.

Viewers could take the opportunity of requesting a free analysis report that could highlight hazards lurking in their data centres which is an easy process and can be obtained on furnishing the details desired by them.

The company helps in generating a full report on what is taking place in your virtualized data centre, at no cost. Should the user also tend to have other tools in their environment to inform on this stuff or that none of them may exits, the user could still benefit from the same.

Moreover, the report also provides information about virtualized datacentre which could not have been mentioned or that one may not be unaware of.

Saturday 25 October 2014

Space-Time Affects Behaviour of Hypothetical Quantum

With regards to quantum physic, one often comes across a phrase `quantum field theory’, which is referred to the general idea that quantum particles are just localized excited states of a general quantum field that underlies them, though it is mathematically a useful idea which interacts with Einstein’s classical conception of space-time in a complex ways.

Gravity is the outcome of curvature in the ineffable medium of space-time and modern quantum physics states that curved space-time should somehow affect the behaviour of hypothetical quantum.

One option to explore the link between the general relativity and quantum mechanics is to learn the physics which occurs on a small scale in highly curved space-time, though these conditions tend to occur only in most extreme environments like at the edge of block holes or in instances after the Big bang. However, physicists now tend to describe the possibility to create curved space-time in ordinary quantum optics lab.

Space-time Curving – Difficult Synthetically

Space-time curving is quite difficult synthetically. It is easy through classical means though to generate a curve steep with measurable effects on single quantum particles; it may need densities which are found only near black holes and the like. In a more direct way, curving space-time with magnetic fields or `exotic matter, was proposed in halls as hallowed like those at NASA, though such technology enables to build a literal warp drive.

German researcher, Nikodem Szpak had found a loophole which helped to study the effects of curved space-time without the need to actually curve it. His idea was that the ultracold atoms embedded in optical lattice were mathematically equivalent to quantum field in curved space-time and instead of finding a solution to the equations which describe quantum fields and together with curved space-times, there was a possibility to measure the behaviour rather than in any decent quantum optics lab.

Laws of Quantum Mechanics

The overlapping of two laser beams created an interference pattern and on careful control on the shape and frequency of the lasers, physicists were capable of creating interference patterns which took the shape of egg boxes.

This comes useful in trapping ultracold atoms that could settle in the minima in the field wherein the structure is known as optical lattice which is a standard fare in any quantum optic lab across the globe.

When the atoms tend to be close to absolute zero, they are not entirely still which is due to the laws of quantum mechanics enabling them to tunnel from a position to another in the optical lattice. Moreover, Szpak has also indicated that there is a formal mathematical analogy with this movement of atoms through the optical lattice together with their movement through quantum field in a flat space-time.

The pattern of movement of the atoms in an optical lattice is equivalent to the way they would move in a quantum field in a flat space-time and when the optical lattice tends to be regular, it is equivalent to a flat space-time. However, changing the optical set up in order that it varies in space would be equivalent in creating a curved space-time.

Microsoft Advances Research In Their Roomalive- New Concept Towards Futuristic Gaming


RoomAlive game is a combination of 2 technologies that is Microsoft’s Kinect motion-tracking system and LCD projector. The latest demonstration of the video was released about the UIST (User Interface Software and Technology) for the ACM Symposium at Honolulu. This video was released in current week.

RoomAlive, Microsoft’s XBOX game can literally make your entire room come alive. The gamer’s entire room will be changed into an interactive gaming world and the environment. This new game of Microsoft came into life nearly two years ago and still was able to gain much hype and attention from the marketing companies.

At last the marketing people focused on changing the name of the game from Beamatron to IllumiRoom, until they finally froze on a name which is atleast 50 percent decent when compared to the previous versions.

Kinect motion-tracking system by Microsoft

This new motion tracking system actually utilizes Fusion room-modelling technology and the 3D map of the environment is constructed for the game. This infrastructure construction also includes the floor, walls, furniture and everything present in the room at the time of playing the game.

This system further amalgamates the room model with the help of the plugin given with the Unity game engine and then to a projector which displays all the images required for creating a complete gaming and interactive experience with the people present in the room.

Room Alive is Microsoft’s IllumiRoom’s 2.0 version. Last year at CES, the Company had demonstrated the first version of the IllumiRoom research project, which was able to generate an overwhelming response and attention among the people. The demonstration highlighted how the game can be extended from our TV to our walls. The demo was more than a short display of the concept, but according to the company this was still just a starting phase of the research.

The video projectors and the kinetic combination of the RoomAlive’s might be bit costliest now and probably might be very large for the living rooms of many people. Despite the current roadblocks, the Company is looking forward to a future which will show that this technology is very small and low priced.

Although a similar virtual reality experiment was created by Sony, Microsoft’s RoomAlive system has the capability to automatically detect the walls and floors for their users to get the entire gaming experience to reach anywhere.

Currently the High definition projector of the RoomAlive can cost a person around $600 and this doesn’t include the price of $49 for V1 Kinect, the motor control and the RoomAlive’s software package. At the moment the entire set can cost around $1000. In comparison to this system, a person will able to own Xbox by paying around $499.

According to the Spokesperson of Microsoft, the company still has lots of exploring in RoomAlive. The company is working towards a gaming future which will enable the game to utilize all the articles available as part of their system and game.

Friday 24 October 2014

The Adobe Phonegap Application

The Adobe Phonegap emerges as the feature that accumulates the advanced approaches helping the users to experience the better technical backdrop. Once, you get familiar with the complete system you can handle the technical aspect successfully fulfilling all your needs.

You can explore the suitable strength that enables you to realize the real time benefits of the system. Here, you are able to upload the CSS, HTML and Javascript coding language and the later part that is recognized as the successful compilation would be accomplished by them. Therefore, you are able to manage the entire situation without facing any technical complications.

The User-Friendly Interface

You are able to operate the application on any platform without any difficulties that would help you to handle the technical features at your ease. Even, it helps you to communicate easily maintaining the smart backdrop along with all the optimistic features.

Moreover, you are able to share the smart apps through Phonegap that would help your app to gain the suitable recognition. The users can download the App through the phone without using any sort of internet connection. It increases their inspiration and thus the App spreads out easily eliminating all the limitations over the web.

Develop your Association

Using the Phonegap you can set up the strong communicative medium that would allow you to establish a better work environment. Also, it would help the other members to accumulate useful information on the particular topic.

Moreover, you can pick up the feasible package according to your needs that support the complete development cycle. However, while purchasing the scheme make sure it includes the suitable features exactly according to your needs.

So, in the world of technology it comes with all the positive attributes that you need to build up the effective solutions. In this respect, you can communicate with the technical expert who can reveal you the important information. It helps you to manage the complete procedure efficiently along with the effective technical features.

Get Familiar with the Successful Apps

Before you start developing, understand the competency of the apps that are already published.But ensure that you are at the right destination where you are able to find the authenticated solutions along with the advanced outputs.

It would help you to gain adequate knowledge increasing your inspiration to incorporate the advanced approaches coming out with the effectual solutions. In addition, you can ascertain the online tutorials where you can get certain additional data on the particular technology. So, it gives you the enormous marketing opportunity eliminating all the restrictions in the dynamic market.

Other Opportunities

Once, you are able to get acquainted with the positive features you can develop your own App that would earn the extensive recognition to the users. Alongside, gain the technical efficiency helping you to establish the better milieu.

Even, you can view the App on different platforms that forms one of the positive approaches. Furthermore, if you make any changes you can get it immediately and thus you can perceive the real time outlook.

Yahoo Aviate Launchers

Yahoo Aviate
Yahoo Aviate appears as the suitable application that you easily install on your Android device. It consists of the comprehensive interface along with the smart features that represents the wide platform with the technical outputs.

Here, you can explore the features such as the advanced calendar option and the music that help you to spend some nice time. You can even listen to the music using the headphones through which the clear sound would reach your ears.

Nowadays every person carries the smart Android device and thus can easily get the application without any difficulties. Moreover, it would give your Android device the complete new look with the customized features that reveal the importance of technology.

Organize the Complete System

Implementing the Yahoo Aviate, you would be able to handle the procedure efficiently comprehending the real time benefits. You would gain the different experience while using the Android device supporting the particular application. The suitable Yahoo Aviate launcher simplifies the operations on your Android device.

Installing the application, you can experience the normal home page along with the menus representing the user-friendly look. However, the application does not provide any security against the duplicated so you need to pay proper attention.

Once, you swipe the screen from right to left you can explore the complete set of applications and the themes including entertainment, social features, music etc. You can easily alter the features according to your needs arranging the complete system using the drag and drop option.

Get Familiar with the Operations

Before you initiate the process, it is important to understand the entire procedure knowing which options you need to select. Hence, you can swipe the screen easily, as you know where you should go to perform the suitable process.

Also, it consists of other features such as the shortcuts that would allow you to carry out the procedure efficiently. On the home screen, you can perceive the shortcut option that helps you to enter the particular arena without any difficulties. Browse the widgets at your ease that would help you to set the feasible options giving you the ultimate efficiency.

Moreover, you can explore the language flexibility, as apart from English you can get the other option including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Portugese and Bahasa. Hence, the users can select the suitable language that helps them to perform the operations smoothly. It eliminates all the intricacies establishing a strong set up for the application.

The Ultimate Experience

Taken as a whole, you are able to realize the original benefits that you receive installing the suitable application. It would show the simplified strategy that helps you to carry out the entire procedure successfully. Therefore, within much less time you are able to complete all the responsibilities simply using your Android device.

You can save the valuable time as well as effort through the Yahoo Aviator Launcher, the popular application for the Android set ups. Once, you comprehend all the features you can easily handle the process experiencing the real time solutions.

Apple SIM – The Cupertino Giant is Ahead of the Pack! Yet again!

Apple has just recently announced what everybody was waiting for – new iPhones and iPads along with a refresh of their MacBook and MacPro lineup. While they do bring in the expected bump in hardware and new version of IOS, the one factor that truly is innovative is the Apple SIM for iPad.

Cellular iPads were available for contract from various service providers up till now. But with Apple SIM, Apple aims to free their customers from the hands of the carriers. Without getting too technical, it is an embedded SIM that is not fixed for any carrier and you can switch carriers according to your likings.

All about Apple SIM

The traditional way of carrier subsidy on otherwise expensive Apple devices works as follows – You buy the device at a hugely subsidized rate but in turn commit to a 1 or 2 year contract for any carrier with a fixed voice and data plan. Thus until your plan expires, switching carriers is not possible without changing the device all together.

However, Apple aims to change this and in a good way. It is following an embedded SIM approach – where in your SIM is independent of any carrier.

You can switch carrier if you don’t like your present one or due to other reason without getting a new device or swapping the SIM – the same SIM works for any network. The specification for such an approach to SIM existed before but Apple is the first to bring it to the market.

What it means to Apple? 

As always, Apple with embedded SIM as set itself apart from the competition. Firstly, Apple is able to show its might over other OEMs – only Apple has the power to convince the biggest carriers from US like AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile and EE in the UK to allow such switching of SIM without actually doing it.

Further, by releasing it only for tablets, it is bound to meet certain amount of success. iPhone users traditionally use data plans anyway but tablet PC users tend to avoid cellular data connection all together. Thus rather than being harmful for the carriers, it represents a better opportunity to promote data plans to customers. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both.

The Future

Apple SIM is not free from its fair share of problems. First and foremost, for smartphones carriers will vehemently oppose it as it involves no contract and users can switch carriers at any point. Secondly, making a single SIM work with 20 different LTE bands across the worlds and bringing all carriers to support it will not be easy.

The software and hardware support is going to have to improve if Apple wants to see larger support for embedded SIM. With this release, Apple not only shows its innovation but also its power. Further, such embedded SIM technology can be utilized to control large-scale distributed devices as well over data networks. Expect a wider rollout of this feature from Apple in near future.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Puls Smartband Allows You to Leave Your Phone At Home

Puls Smartband
Technology is creeping into our lives faster than you can even comprehend all of it. SmartWatches certainly fall into one such category which hasn’t seen a burst of demand but yet everybody is jumping in the bandwagon looking at the future.

However, most of these wearable devices are downright ugly with thick, impractical design and with little utility. “They look more like technology”, quoted Hence, has taken it to himself to design a device that can be wore around as a fashion statement instead of tech gizmo called the Puls band.

It’s more than a watch! 

The device for its size packs quiteanoomph. The device comes with a Qualcomm processor, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS and sensors like Accelerometer, Pedometer and Gyroscope.

The biggest surprise however is the fact that it has a built-in 3G radio through which you can make calls and supports data connection too. The data plan is right now provided by AT&T and in UK provided by O2. While Samsung with Gear S band was the first with cellular connectivity, the design alone wins it for many. However, the extra wide bezel may not please many.

The software side on things

The Puls band is not just for receiving notification from your smartphone. The band features a ton of software. The most useful would be a voice assistant akin to Siri from Apple – called Anita built in partnership with Nuance (which is an established player in the field of voice recognition software).

There is a Humin app too which lets you tap on the band screen face and ask to call people whom you met in the past and it can pull their bio-data too. Music is given adequate emphasis – there are collections of songs and you can ask Anita to store them in your custom collections.

Furthermore, there is support for fitness and health accessories and can help you with your trainer. In case you were wondering, it has a keyboard and email client too – though typing is not a pleasurable experience at all.

The Venture from

It seems like wants to make a statement in the world of technology and gadgets. He has created a full-fledged smartwatch/band that provides all the hardware and software and also has a style of its own.

It is slim, aesthetically pleasing and is not boxy in design. It will be available in Blue, Red, Pink and White along with variations involving gold and diamonds too. In addition, there are few other gadgets announced as well – A power jacket, Back pack that doubles and power source and speakers as well.

Puls band from is a product from - a company that is funded by him. Apart from storing all you music, a voice assistant and internet, there is also voice calling as well. hopes that with this gadget in tow, you don’t have to lug around with your smartphone all the time. And the device is a style statement in itself.

A New Tool for Skype users- Translates Different Languages

Microsoft has revealed a latest Skype tool that permits voice chats to be translated into another language or words in near real-time. This real-time translation tool for Skype helps the users to carry out cross-lingual communications over the internet phone facility. There have been a lot of attempts over some years, through the Microsoft Research, to display such features of translating human communication. However, delivery of anything that is practical in real life, to suit the voice and words of many types of users and the tones of various languages has been regarded a nearly impossible job.

Researches to make such translator-

Microsoft Research has basically been concentrated on machine translation for over 10 years. Primary outcomes came with conversions for the product friendly Knowledge Base of Microsoft. The system became accessible for public use like the technology behind Bing Translator, prompting the tool’s development and status since its release. Nowadays, Bing Translator is utilized by many people and accepted by organizations globally.

If the translation method is centered on written content, it may work very weakly with spoken language. In case of Skype Translator research has been made on the neural networks that apply senones, that is, little pronunciation parts and these are the major component in speech decoding. In the opinion of Microsoft, it develops the exactness of speech-recognition nearly by sixteen percent, and hence enhances translations.

The company has stated that the technology starts a new system for speech detection and real-time speech translation, and gives a sight into a future generation language will no longer have to be a obstacle.

Skype Translator primarily will be obtainable as a Windows 8 beta application before the ending part of 2014. However, it is yet undecided whether the service would be free for the Skype users, or would be spread to other platforms.

Members present at the time of launching-

Gurdeep Pall, who is the vice president of the company Skype revealed the device at one of Code Conferences organized in Rancho Palos Verdes of California, recently. Here, chief executive of Microsoft Satya Nadella was also present. The demo illustrated the real-time audio conversion from English to the language of German and also vice versa, merging Skype voice and immediate messaging systems with Microsoft Translator tool, and neural network related speech recognition. 

Some other translators-

Microsoft is not the only one in its endeavor to present real-time conversion. Japanese wireless transporter NTT Docomo has presented a Japanese to English voice translator from the year 2011. Google also gave some endeavor to interpret voice chats, and by now offers an aspect for words on its own translation system. The big dissimilarity in this context is the sheer level of Skype that according to Microsoft gets above 300 million users joined every month, who spend over 2 billion minutes chatting every day.

Thus, with the help of it, you can converse in your local language to a different user who talks in a different tongue, and Microsoft will interpret it to the other individual.

Google Going to Consider New App Trial System for Google Play

Google Play Store
Google is approaching to launch the new “Micro Apps “system that would allow the users to experience the entire features as that of the original system. It helps the users to get access easily and thus they can understand the entire features before purchase.

Once, you comprehend the complete benefits that you would receive you can take the right decision without any errors. Sometimes, you face certain confusions and want to get the trial option. Hence, Google brings in the suitable App trial system where you can get familiar with the complete features. Knowing the detailed procedure, you can analyze whether the App fulfills all your requirement according to your needs.

The User-Friendly Approach

Google maintains a complete user-friendly procedure that you can easily manage. Once, you get familiar with the comprehensive features you can understand the original importance of the particular system developed by Google.

Using the suitable Micro App facility, you would be able to download the trial version. So, it is useful to know the overall features and gain the confidence while purchasing the App. You can get the feasible product, as you already know the benefits that you would receive after purchasing the specific stuff accumulating the smart features.

Once, you understand the usability of the system you can easily obtain the application in your device eradicating all the negative issues. It comes out as the strong platform where you can establish the enormous technical utilities.

Google’s Survey

Google carried out a detailed survey that reveals the success of iOS and thus they decide to bring the new option. It helps the users in a great way ensuring that they avail the accurate product accumulating the sophisticated features.

Therefore, the paid App that you purchase can successfully feature all the positive approaches according to your desires. Moreover, it inspires the users to buy the particular App on which they find the complete interest. Gradually, Google can enhance the consumers who become the feasible buyers after using the Micro App system.

So, the paid Android Apps would earn the suitable recognition all over the world due to the innovative strategy from Google. Once, the user get addicted to the particular App he/she cannot stop buying the product to enjoy the full version.

Beneficial for the Developers

Previously the developers need to develop a complete new version of the paid App that consumed much more time and cost. While coming to the Micro App they only have to produce the small trial version that reduces the overall time as well as effort. It helps Google to gain the genuine consumers that would help them to increase the business assets.

However, the user should know the terms and conditions before purchasing the feasible product. It would aid them to get the authenticated App along with the smart technical suites.

Gradually, all the Android users would come to know about the new option and would try the interesting trial versions. It would increase their urge to play the entire game and thus they would buy the complete paid App.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Solar Sinter, 3D Printer That Uses Sunlight to Melt Sand Into Glass

Markus Kayser
Solar Sinter Concept 

In our world with shortage of energy production and raw material which is of great concern, a project exploring the capabilities of desert manufacturing, has surfaced where energy as well as material seems to be in abundance. The project was developed by Markus Kayser during his MA studies in Design Products on Platform 13 at the Royal College of Art and built by him the `SolarSinter’ concept is not too dissimilar from laser sintering printers which are used in operations such as SpaceX for printing impossible objects from metal.

 A focused sun beam is less precise than a finely honed laser though the core concept remains the same. The product designer, Kayser from Hannover, Germany, had his solar powered sand printer taken to the Egyptian desert to portray how it functions. On harnessing the power of the Sun, he heated ordinary sand into glass to create natural and unique 3D objects.

In the experiment, sunlight as well as sand is used as raw material and energy in order to produce glass objects with the help of a 3D printing process, which combine natural energy and material with high tech production technology. Solar sintering would give rise to questions about the future of manufacturing, giving way to dreams on the full extent of the potential of production on the world’s most capable energy resource which is the sun.

Two Elements of Desert - The Sun & Sun

It was in August 2010, when the first solar machine – the Sun-Cutter was taken to the Egyptian desert in a suitcase which was a solar powered, semi-automated low tech laser cutter which used the power of the sun to operate it and directly harnessed its rays through a glass ball lens to `laser’ cut 2D components with the use of a cam guided system.

The Sun-Cutter created components in fine plywood with aesthetic quality of curious hybrid of machine made and nature craft because of the crudeness of its mechanism as well as the cutting beam optics together with variation in solar intensity and the outcome of the weather fluctuations.

The sun and the sand are the two elements which rule the desert world wherein the sun offers a huge potential of large amount of energy source while the sand with unlimited supply of silica in the form of quartz. This provided the experience of working in the desert with the Sun-Cutter directly with the new machine which brought together the two elements, where on heating silica sand to melting point and enabling it to cool solidified as glass.

Sintering – Central Process in Design Prototyping

This process of conversion of powdery substance through heating process to a solid form is called sintering and has become a central process in design prototyping in recent times as 3D printing or Selective Laser Sintering – SLS.

Laser technology is used in the 3D printers to create precise 3D objects from various powdered plastics, metals and resins since they are appropriate counterparts of computer drawn 3D designs data by the designer. With the use of the sun’s rays rather than laser and sand instead of resins, an entire new solar powered machine and production process in making glass objects which can tap into the vast supplies of sun and sand is found in the deserts.

In February 2011, the first manually operated solar sintering machine was tested in the Moroccan desert with good positive results leading to the development of the present larger as well as fully automated computer driven version – the Solar Sinter.

Successful Teleported Quantum State of Proton

Quantum State of Proton Teleportation
A team of physicist for the first time have successfully teleported a quantum state of photon to a crystal over 25 km distance through a fibre optic cable showing effectively that the photon’s quantum state, is important to the teleportation process and not its composition.

Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva, successfully lead his team and the results were published in the journal Nature Photonics which squashed the earlier record that they had set a decade ago by teleporting a quantum state of a proton 6 km.

The quantum teleportation is a process wherein the quantum information which is the exact state of an atom or photon, is transmitted, in principle from one area to another with the use of classical communication with the earlier shared quantum entanglement between sending and the receiving location.

Since it is based on classical communication, which tends to proceed not faster than the speed of light, the same cannot be used for superluminal transport or communication of classical bits. It could also not be used to make copies of system since this may violate the no-cloning theorem.

Teleportation – Form of Transportation/Communication

Current technology offers no possibility of anything resembling the fictional form of teleportation even though the name is inspired by the teleportation which is used in fiction.

One could think of teleportation as a form of transportation or a kind of communication providing a way of transporting a qubits from one location to another without the need to move a physical particle with it.

The photon’s quantum state is cable of preserving information under extreme conditions which include the difference between travelling as light or stored in the crystal form matter.

The photon’s condition acts as information which can be teleported towards great distances with the use of the optical fibre and can be stored within the crystal which is achieved due to the phenomenon in quantum mechanics called entanglement when two particles have a correlation inspite of not touching and transmitting information to one another.

Quantum State - Controls Quantum Physics 

In order to test this, ensuring that they observe what occurs, one photon was stored in a crystal and the other was send along the optical fibre at a distance of 25 km. and the photon which was sent along the optical fibre collided with a third photon presumed to destroy both of them.

But the information derived from the first photon was transferred to the third photon in the collision just as in the case of a billiard ball being hit by another for transfer of energy. The information from the third photon returned back to the crystal where it was measured ensuring that the information was preserved between the first and the second.

Gisin’s team mate, Felix Bussieres in a press release states that `the quantum state of two elements of light, the two entangled photons are like two Siamese twins, a channel which empowers the teleportation from light to matter’, irrespective of the information being in crystal or light, making no change to the information.

This would mean that the quantum state not the physical state, controls in quantum physics. Quantum entanglement being the basis for theoretical quantum computing as well as quantum communication perhaps will take a long time for the results to have real world implications and the achievements of Gisin’s research could help to improve how quantum entanglement interactions could be measured.

Monday 20 October 2014

Keecker- Interesting Machine That Can Move Around Your Room

Keecker is a type of mobile computer  Robot that consists of a projector along with an audio structure on a mobile base and also a group of potentially attractive sensors. However, its designers do not imagine it as a robot. CEO, Pierre Lebeau stated that robots are often portrayed as utilitarian and mechanized man’s tasks, and it is not parallel to Keecker. In fact, they really deemed Keecker as the development of computers and it is 100 percent made for a house or collective atmosphere.

Some hardware and software of the system-

It is a number of sensors and figures that is utilized to help this Keecker to be in motion, lock-in on people and keep away from obstacles. The manufacturers apply a combination of infrared with ultrasound signals, manifold camera imagery system and also Wi-Fi network method and many more.
The machine possesses some of the autonomous abilities.

Keecker shifts from one room to another room and can remember definite spots in your home. Therefore you can order it to go from one spot to another in only one click. You may even manage this Keecker yourself from your own Smartphone even though you are not at home. It is because it will run its camera to your handset and will allow you shift it in actual time.

Keecker can moreover be programmed to shift from room to room in the day or at night to test if all is normal. When the charge of battery is low, this device goes back to revive itself.

In accordance with Lebeau, while you first take Keecker into your home it starts moving around, by means of a 360-degree camera on its head to work out the ground space. When that mapping is finished, you may name every room, then you can point Keecker to move there with the valve of a switch. Lebeau was motivated by cleaning bots such as the Roomba, but he did not want Keecker to be exactly the same. Roomba can just hit into the wall and it is very stupid-like.

When you are out of the home it can be set to identify motion and check temperature, moisture, and CO2 amount. It can also change your babysitter, or even let you to simply keep a watch on her from the ease of your Smartphone. This device also contains a microphone, permitting it to act as a center for video calls or get voice commands. You can connect it with your phone via Bluetooth.

Length of the device-

Keecker is a supple, plastic orb that is about eleven inches broad and sixteen inches in length. It goes around the floor on a couple of wheels, which make it appear like a remote. You can manage it on your phone through an app for iOS system or Android.

Thus, when bring home this HomePod, Keecker and take it out from its container, it would start to look around, examining every part of the room. Later, you can instruct it to go to a specific position in your house, from your app.

Sony Patent For Electronic Mirror Device And Electronic Mirror Program

An electronic mirror is really an electronic machine that works as both a TV set and a mirror simultaneously. In many hotels, it is seen that flat screen televisions are exactly placed right in the center of the mirror, occupying most part of the space, leaving only some spaces near it for seeing anyone’s reflection.

So, it would be better if a TV can be converted to an original mirror at only one click of a finger. Well, the mirror TV takes that concept one-step beyond, with the mirror itself becoming a television set at a click of a finger. The lavish hotels that cater to the discriminating customers can embraced this modernization, which merges technology and sophisticated set and also a mirror- all at once.

A patent application US20130314581 was filed regarding this new type of electronic device- an electronic mirror. According to the patent,the device will really work just like mirror, as it would reflect the user. Here, actually a TV set will do the work when it is in switch of mode.

Need of Such Device

A TV set with a flat-panel display machine, when not utilized, is just a stationary piece of a blackboard and otherwise it has no extraordinary use. In case of the TV set, a well-designed and multifunctional picture display device is present that can be used like a mirror for another function when it is not utilized as a display machine.

This multifunctional image displaying device comprises a liquid display machine and a half mirror, within which the half mirror usually runs as a mirror, and on identifying a person moving, the liquid display tool shows motion picture.

But the half mirror had some problems, and therefore there was a demand of an electronic mirror machine that does not get darkens when utilized as a mirror and helps the object to appear more beautiful than ordinary mirrors perform. This mirror works through an electronic mirror display technique along with the electronic mirror program.

System of the device-

It is to be noted that the electronic mirror device of this patent would consists of a camera, a display unit, along with a control unit that exhibits a screen image of an individual recorded by the camera unit on a primary portion acquired by opening the screen of the particular display unit.

It shows a basis of light for lighting the individual on a second area, and regulates an intensity of the light source in proportion to the sex and an age of the individual, identified by examining the screen image. In this electronic mirror device, the second area is placed in left sides and right sides and also in top or bottom sides.

The control unit of the electronic mirror does the function of eliminating a backdrop by cutting a picture of the individual out of the screen image trapped by the camera unit. This control unit has also the task of reversing the left as well as the right parts of the screen image of camera.

It even alters the emission color of the source of the light in the second area to control the image quality of the camera.