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Thursday 2 June 2016

Google Chrome will Start Blocking Flash by Default


Google Chrome Stop Support to Adobe Flash Player

Chrome browser of Google will stop its support to Adobe’s Flash Player on almost all websites by the end of this year. Staff member, Anthony LaForge while posting to Google groups, had defined the plan of the company to stop automatically permitting Flash to run on websites. The plan intended to be implemented by the fourth quarter of 2016 would be seeing HTML5 replacing Flash as a much integrated media experience with quicker load times and less power consumption.

LaForge had mentioned that `if a site offers an HTML5 experience, this change would make that the main experience’. They will continue to ship Flash Player with Chrome and if a site really needs Flash, a prompt would be appearing at the top of the page when the user first tends to visit that site, providing the options of allowing it to run for that site. But the top ten website utilizing Flash would not have it disabled, according to Google. Presently the ten biggest website as per Google are Amazon, YouTube, Facebook,, Yahoo,, Yandex.rv,, and, though these may be changing towards the end of the year.

Proposal Document Outlining Change

Whitelisted websites would be having their Flash use secured for a year though it will also be reviewed during a period of 12 months. Proposal document outlining how the change would take place had been online by LaForge:

  • Flash would still be bundled with Chrome though would not be advertised by default 
  • If HTML5 is provided by a website, Chrome would automatically default to it 
  • If Flash Player is essential, a user would be prompted 
  • When a user accepts the page will get refreshed and Flash will appear on any following visits to the domain

Latest Backlash against Adobe Flash

The move is said to be the latest in on-going backlash against Adobe Flash and the platform was used to create animations, web pages as well as games from the early 2000s. However, it has been slowly replaced with more open web standards. Adobe had said, in November, that it was time for developers to move away from using Flash. The company had mentioned in a blog post that they encourage content creators to build with new web standards and would continue to focus on offering the best tools and services for designers as well as developers in creating amazing content for the web.

In July 2015, Mozilla had blocked all the versions of Flash in its Firefox browser. During the time Mozilla had said that Flash would stay blocked till Adobe releases a version which was not being actively exploited by publicly known susceptibilities and the block had been lifted few days thereafter. The death of Flash had been slow and painful with Google now planning to deal with another blow.

Google has plans to begin blocking most of Flash content with Chrome and the changeover is targeted to the end of the year. Under its existing vision, almost every website would be having Flash content blocked by default and visitors will still be capable of enabling Flash content on a site-by-site basis though would have to specially opt to do so. Flash has been a threat on battery life and is constantly found to have severe security errors and hence its ultimate disappearance would be accepted.

Friday 18 March 2016

Adobe Issues Emergency Patch For Flash Bug


Adobe Issued Emergency Patch for Flash Media Player

Emergency patch for Flash media player had been issued by Adobe to close the loopholes in the most popularly used software. Adobe had mentioned in its security advisory, that they are aware of a report that an exploit for CVE-2016-1010 is being used in limited targeted attacks and the notice advised Flash users to install the update at the earliest. The patch in total closes 23 separate security bugs in Flash player.

Those invading the security holes would be in a position of overtaking a computer and steal valuable data or spy on the owner of the system. For updates, users need to apply the patch quickly since several of the problem related seems to be critical and of the highest level. The holes are found in Flash and in versions of the other Adobe programs utilised on several platforms and devices.

Those devices at risk comprise of Windows machines, Macs and Linus computers together with phone running Android and iOS. Several different security researches inclusive of experts at Alibaba, Kaspersky Labs, Google and Microsoft had alerted Adobe to the issue with its Flash player. Most of the security firms have suggested that users could uninstall the flash player in order to refrain from being victim to malicious attachments or booby-trapped webpages.

Recommended to Uninstall Flash/Java/Silverlight

The patch brings about the latest version of Flash to for Windows and Mac and for Linux. Readers are recommended to uninstall Flash, Java and Silverlight browser extensions to check if they are essential. For several individuals, it is not essential and the reduced attack surface had lowered the chances of being visited by remote code-execution attacks.

Those who tend to depend on Flash in order to access the intranet of a company or any other site should consider utilising a dedicated browser for the same. In an effort at preventing attackers, several of the web firms have now stopped using Flash. Recently most of the other companies had issued security patches and the update of Firefox closed 40 single susceptibilities, which were over half of those considered as critical.

Security Bulletin Released By Adobe

Besides, Google has also issued for Chrome an update which among others had closed three security holes considered as `high’ severity and paid bug bounties amounting to $13,000 to the two researchers who had exposed the loopholes. Microsoft had recently issued its steady monthly security update which had attempted 13 issues in various programs comprising of the Internet Explorer as well as Edge browsers.

A security bulletin APSB16-08 had been released by Adobe acknowledging Kaspersky Lab for reporting CVE-1015-1010. The exposure could probably enable an attacker to take control of the affected system. The researchers of Kaspersky Lab researchers observed the usage of this weakness in a limited number of target attacks.

Adobe had mentioned in a December statement that though standards such as HTML5 would be the web platform for the future for all devices, Flash tends to continue to be utilised in main categories like Web gaming as well as premium video wherein fresh standards would have to be fully mature.

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Adobe Chief- Mobile a Huge Positive for Us

Chief executive of Adobe System informed CNBC that the shift from personal computers to smartphones and tablets has been a big positive for the company. Though the company tends to attract an excess of photographers, illustrators, videographers and animators, Adobe has been well known for its image editing software, Photoshop as well as for introducing the portable document form – PDF that has been an internationally accepted medium of sharing electronic documents. Photoshop together with the other provisions from the California-based company is also available on Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android systems.

In an interview with `Squawk Box’ of CNBC, the CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen had commented that the whole mobility phenomenon is a tailwind for their business. Being in the front of the pack in mobile setting together with millions of applications available as well as new one created daily, could be a tall order. The image editing offerings of Adobe, like Photoshop and Lightroom tends to compete with hundreds of other identical applications on iOS and Android operating system, comprising of Instagram, VSCO and Camera360. News site CNET and RBC Capital Markets had carried out a non-scientific survey and had observed that Adobe’s PC-based users were not always quick in adopting its mobile apps.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud – Collection of Multimedia Software

The data release last month indicated that among the respondents who had subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, 43% do not tend to utilise any of the mobile apps of Adobe. CNET had mentioned in a report that only around one in four seem to use the Photoshop Fix app to touch images and one in five seems to use the Photoshop Mix app for combining photos. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is said to a collection of multimedia software which is available for download through the internet on the basis of subscription. However, Narayen stated that the survey findings were more nuanced. He commented that he was of the belief that there is the half empty, half full scenario there. The half full scenario is that the number of people who have now downloaded the application and are using it as part of the workflow over the last year and a half, has absolutely exploded.

Photoshop Fix/Photoshop Mix – De-Facto Standard

He further added that for anyone who would prefer to do a serious content creation there is still the only game in town. Lightroom Mobile products which the survey spoke about together with Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix were rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for high-end image editing. Narayen had estimated around 60 million downloads for Adobe’s mobile apps in the iOS and Android ecosystems.

He had stated that another area of growth for Adobe was in its marketing cloud business which is a sequence of internet-based software for the marketers. He mentioned that every individual business needs to have a digital experience which they could then provide to their customers, irrespective of being in hospitality or financial service. He added that the market cloud business enables to deliver those experiences.

Friday 10 July 2015

Hackers Unearth Major Security Flaw That Affects Adobe Flash Player

A major gaping hole is found in the popular Adobe Flash Player software used for watching videos online on a global scale. This flaw allows the attackers to take control of user’s system once they visit any malicious website.

Hackers Team which is known to create surveillance software for governmental agencies had stumbled upon this flaw when 400 GB of data was stolen from it over the weekend. Adobe had cleared all the speculations surrounding the emergence of this serious flaw and it had promised to make a fix available to all the users by Wednesday.

All You Need To Know About The Flaw In Flash Player

This serious flaw is present in the Adobe Flash Player and its earlier versions, which were released for all the major OS like Windows, Mac and Linux. Adobe stresses on the fact that this flaw can be used to cause a sudden crash and act as a backdoor for the attackers to take control of affected system.

Hacking Team had described this bug as a fascinating bug, which had come to light in as many as four years of successful running of Flash player. The severity of this flaw is extremely high and some of the hackers are already utilizing it for a long time to create undue nuisance for the users with affected systems. The internal documents also stress on the point that it can be used as a weapon on mass scale to cause considerable loss of information and high-jacking of systems on a larger scale. Until a fix or security update is provided by the Adobe it will be wise to disable the Flash Player completely in the browsers to avoid further damages.

Hacking Teams Cautions Windows Users

The data released by the Hacking Team also reveals about vulnerability in the Adobe font drivers in Windows. The flaw in Flash Player has high severity rate in both 32 and 64 bits versions of Windows OS ranging from the order XP to latest 8.1. Windows computer is at greater risk of losing control to the hackers with the presence of this flaw. For successful taking control a hacker will have to rely on other vulnerability of font driver. Microsoft is quick to give heed on this situation and they are actively working on bringing a security fix for its users.

Hackers Are Already Exploiting This Flaw

Hackers Team got a wind of this flaw after a mysterious hacker going by the name PhineasFisher started exploiting this flaw. He had already created immense troubles for many companies being serviced by Hackers Team which includes even some governmental institutions.

The detailed report furnished by Hackers Team states that its RCS surveillance software possess capabilities for monitoring activities on Skype, Gmail, Facebook and along with cryptocurrencies transactions. This can be helpful for companies and its clients in keeping a keen eye upon its employees. However European parliament is seriously debating upon the legitimacy of any such software being used by a governmental organization to snoop upon its citizens.

Friday 24 October 2014

The Adobe Phonegap Application

The Adobe Phonegap emerges as the feature that accumulates the advanced approaches helping the users to experience the better technical backdrop. Once, you get familiar with the complete system you can handle the technical aspect successfully fulfilling all your needs.

You can explore the suitable strength that enables you to realize the real time benefits of the system. Here, you are able to upload the CSS, HTML and Javascript coding language and the later part that is recognized as the successful compilation would be accomplished by them. Therefore, you are able to manage the entire situation without facing any technical complications.

The User-Friendly Interface

You are able to operate the application on any platform without any difficulties that would help you to handle the technical features at your ease. Even, it helps you to communicate easily maintaining the smart backdrop along with all the optimistic features.

Moreover, you are able to share the smart apps through Phonegap that would help your app to gain the suitable recognition. The users can download the App through the phone without using any sort of internet connection. It increases their inspiration and thus the App spreads out easily eliminating all the limitations over the web.

Develop your Association

Using the Phonegap you can set up the strong communicative medium that would allow you to establish a better work environment. Also, it would help the other members to accumulate useful information on the particular topic.

Moreover, you can pick up the feasible package according to your needs that support the complete development cycle. However, while purchasing the scheme make sure it includes the suitable features exactly according to your needs.

So, in the world of technology it comes with all the positive attributes that you need to build up the effective solutions. In this respect, you can communicate with the technical expert who can reveal you the important information. It helps you to manage the complete procedure efficiently along with the effective technical features.

Get Familiar with the Successful Apps

Before you start developing, understand the competency of the apps that are already published.But ensure that you are at the right destination where you are able to find the authenticated solutions along with the advanced outputs.

It would help you to gain adequate knowledge increasing your inspiration to incorporate the advanced approaches coming out with the effectual solutions. In addition, you can ascertain the online tutorials where you can get certain additional data on the particular technology. So, it gives you the enormous marketing opportunity eliminating all the restrictions in the dynamic market.

Other Opportunities

Once, you are able to get acquainted with the positive features you can develop your own App that would earn the extensive recognition to the users. Alongside, gain the technical efficiency helping you to establish the better milieu.

Even, you can view the App on different platforms that forms one of the positive approaches. Furthermore, if you make any changes you can get it immediately and thus you can perceive the real time outlook.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Adobe Photoshop Express For Windows phones

Photoshop Express Windows phones
The Adobe Photoshop Express Provides a Well-assorted Dish for Perfect Photo Editing on a Touch Enabled Phone
In my books, widows is one of the fastest growing app markets and has been one of the most innovative app developers. When windows made its re-entry into the mobile operating system market, they were mostly trying to implement most of its PC software concepts into the mobile frame-ware. Windows mobile interface was a classy reflection of smart technology and the functioning of its apps were made simple to accomplish its user-friendly approach. It was a challenging task for windows app developers to bring the easy handling software systems into touch screen mobiles and the biggest problem rose with the handling as the controls and user procedure is far more different in mobile than in a PC.

The Adobe Photoshop Express is an incentive for the already well-featured Windows phones.
Adobe Photoshop Express, which is actually a simple photo editing software, designed by Adobe. Adobe is one of the most esteemed software development companies. Adobe Photoshop express is available for all the major mobile operating systems like Android, IOS etc. The Adobe Photoshop for Windows is very similar to the same for all other mobile interface. This app for the Windows phones provides us with an array of useful photo editing tools, which makes photo editing an easy task as the effects of these tools on the picture are precise.

A simple yet sophisticated solution to photo editing in touch phones.
Though Windows phones come with their own set of picture editing tools, their features are hardly of this level. They are mainly for creating collages or flumping filters on the pictures you have on your phone. When you are looking for some high-level photo editing option, you should avail the best option that Windows provide, which is the Adobe Photoshop Express. This is one of the high-powered photos editing software, recently designed for the Windows 8, but a new variant was dedicated for the windows mobile version.

A guide to a new level of photo editing on Windows phones
This is actually a very lightweight, touch enabled toll oriented editing application for both windows phones and tablets. You will find the Photoshop Express as a small sized app embedded in the Windows app store and the total size of this file is as small as 8.4MB. When you are opening the application for the first time after installing, it guides you through a tutorial, entitled as the “Getting Started”. This is a very helpful video, as it points to all the specifications of basic usage. The best thing about this app is that in no time you will get used to the tools.

One of the most common tools present in Adobe Photoshop Express, which goes in common with other picture editing software, is the redeye correction tool which removes red eye from the picture. The cropping and straightening tool is very useful as it helps you straighten your picture on a margin, which is a common error when images are taken by phone cameras. It offers an in-app purchase of $2.99, which unlocks some amazing effects and other editing tools.

Monday 21 July 2014

Adobe: Ink and Slide

Adobe Ink & Slide
Primarily known as a software giant, Adobe for the first time in their history recently released hardware products in the form of Ink & Slide. Usually known for their famous softwares namely, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flashplayer not to mention one of the most widely used softwares in the designing world: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe released Ink & Slide in a bid to revolutionize digital designing.

These tools are perform brilliantly while drawing sketches, layouts & are complimented with a variety of apps, which enrich user experience as well. Also available to customers is the Adobe Creative Cloud, which allows users to store their designs, preferences etc in a “cloud” making them available across multiple platforms & accessible from virtually anywhere.

Ink: -

Basically a Bluetooth equipped stylus, the Ink is an impressive tool for drawings & sketches. Made of aluminium & plastic, Ink has a premium feel to it & its twisted profile ensures a comfortable grip. The nib is small & gives the user a pen like feel unlike the marker like feel normal styluses provide.

Equipped with Adonit’s Pixelpoint tech, Ink has a wide range of pressure sensitivities again making the user comfortable while making sketches as its tip practically glides across the screen.

At the rear end of the stylus, a concave button is present which gives user access to the various apps available with the stylus. For storage, users have a hollow cylindrical storage compartment, which has a charging dock at the end. A fully charged Ink allows users to have almost 8 hours of functionality.

Slide: -

Slide can be defined as a combined ruler, drafter, French curve depending on the need of the user. In size, it is similar to an average USB stick & is built of the same material as the Ink which aluminium & plastic accents.

Fairly easy to use, it has a single concave button at the top which allows users to browse through tonnes of shapes, layouts, designs etc. When placed on a tablet, it does not budge easily helping the user to draw accurate shapes & lines. Unlike Ink, Slide does not come with a storage compartment so care should be taken while storing it.

Compatibility & Operation: -

Ink & Slide are compatible with iPad Air, iPad Mini along with 4th generation iPads as well. Setup is fairly simple as all a user needs to do is to turn on the Bluetooth of both the devices (iPad & Ink), pair them from Adobe’s Sketch & Line app.

Personal preferences namely, 3 palm rejection, LED colour & Slide toggle modes can be accessed from this app as well. Though Ink & Slide can be used without signing up on the Adobe Creative Cloud, additional perks such as stored colour palettes/designs become available if a user signs up.

Overall: -

As tablets are quickly emerging as the new substitutes for laptops/desktops, people especially digital designers are in need of something more than a keyboard & mouse for putting their ideas into paper. Adobe’s Ink & Slide satisfies such a need to some extent with its versatility, variety & simplicity. Priced at $199, some might call it overpriced, but given the features, it provides along with its uniqueness, it is a steal.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Adobe Revel For Android

Adobe Revel
Adobe has made provision for Android users, its Revel photo app enabling them to share as well as edit photos on their Android devices. It is an app wherein users can now share, store, manage photos and videos, and create albums, sharing them via social media, edit pictures, adding captions and comments to photos. Revel enables the user to have all memories wherever they go, a photo app for Mac, iPad and Iphone and Android users can now subscribe to Revel (Carousel) which is Apple’s only photo collaboration service and with its new Revel importer, Android app enables the user to upload images from Android device into the Carousels.

Users can also set it on auto upload as well as upload straight from the camera and when the photos are selected, the app indicates whether they are transferred or not. By importing photos into Revel, one can access them anywhere. You can organize the photos using captions and albums, by cropping and applying looks to create excellent photos while at the same time the option to share albums privately on Adobe or even post photos to Twitter, Facebook etc.

Revel is free and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App stores while Revel downloads for Mac can be done from Mac App Stores. Users can also access Revel browser based version at which includes all the features of Revel excluding the ability to edit photos. In case of editing photos, the Revel app is essential. With Revel, one can import as many photos as possible for the first thirty days and thereafter the user is limited to fifty photo imports every month.

If more photos need to be imported, users can upgrade to Revel Premium which enables them to import as many photos of their choice for a cost of Indian Rs. 350 per month and this upgrade can be done as an in app purchase within the Revel app. The files are stored for two years after using the service and the photos can be removed anytime by deleting them with the help of the Revel app. Adobe Revel presently supports JPEG files and the Revel team has more plans to add support for additional file formats in the near future.

With technology upgrading and great progress being done, Revel which works like email has all the photos securely stored in the cloud that can be accessed using the Revel app on your Android device and whatever is done in Revel, is automatically synced across the device enabling the user with the latest photos as well as the photo edits irrespective of which device is used.

The app can also be utilized to create group library where certain photos can be shared with family or friends of their choice with control over the viewing, adding, editing and organizing the images within the group, it was stated. Revel is available all over the world and supports languages like French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Emergency patch released by Adobe for Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash player is urgently calling user for a software update. Through an explosive leak in flash player can offer a safe path to the cyber criminals to hack into any of the user’s operating system. The current emergency patch is available for users of the operating systems Windows, OS X and Linux.

Adobe has pointed in its security blog about a critical vulnerability in Flash Player. It is in all versions of Flash Player to for Windows and OS X and Linux hence all users are at risk using the software without updating.

Since the flaw allows hackers to take the control of the operating system remotely hence the users should update the flash player immediately with the emergency update released by the Adobe to close the gap.

Microsoft and Apple customers need to go for the Flash Player, users of Linux has to go for the patch You can download it at the following link:

Friday 13 December 2013

Adobe Releases Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3

Adobe Camera Raw 8.3 and Lightroom 5.3
Adobe has released Camera Raw 8.3 beta version after a period of one month the final version of its raw development software for Photoshop CS6 will be soon, and CC and Lightroom 5.3. These programs support new camera models and other lenses.

Adobe constantly create new versions of the raw development software, because again and again it faces new camera models and there is no uniform standard for RAW images. The manufacturers vary the formats even from model to model. In addition, specific lens error with the software can be corrected .

Adobe has also added some features in Camera Raw for easier operation. So an automatic channel adaptation is now available in black and white mode. When creating new guidelines and in other menus with multiple check boxes, the user can switch while holding down the Alt key and a mouse click between the previous and the current setting.

In Photoshop itself, the user can choose the background color of the desktop with the right mouse button in a menu. With Adobe Camera Raw 8.3 or Lightroom 5.3 of the Canon PowerShot S120 , Fujifilm XQ1 and X -E2 and Nikon models 1 AW1 , Coolpix P7800 are supported D610 and D5300. The raw data images of the Olympus OM- D E-M1 and Stylus 1 and the Panasonic DMC- GM1 can be opened and edited.

Adobe also has the System Cameras Sony A7 and A7R and the compact Sony DSC- RX10 considered in Adobe Camera Raw. Adobe's new software also works with the digital back Phase One IQ260 and IQ280. The support was not available in the beta version but now built-in support for the Nikon Df and the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The Canon EOS 650D can now also be triggered via tethering directly from Lightroom . Lens support of both programs includes the Nikon Nikkor 11- 27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 AW and the Nikkor 10mm f/2.8 AW for Nikon Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G and the one for the DSLRs from Nikon. Also, the Sigma 18 -35mm F1.8 DC HSM A013 and the Sony E 20mm F2.8 or the Sony 28 -70mm F3.5 FE -5.6 OSS are automatically corrected on request. The Canon EF- M 11 -22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM for the Canon EOS M is also supported by ACR .

Lightroom 5.3 Camera Raw 8.3 is available as free as an update for Windows and Mac OS X through the update mechanisms in the programs or as a separate download for Photoshop and Photoshop CS6 CC .

Sunday 17 November 2013

Adobe Muse receives new components

Muse has gained new features in an update published this week. This tool facilitates the development of websites. Muse, however, reserved for the Creative Cloud customers. This version of November gives access to trading portal components (demo video) that you can use for its own sites (widgets, icons, layouts).

They come from other users and share their accomplishments. The recovered items will fall into a new palette in the software for a more immediate and permanent access. Additional components - a dozen - are also provided for inclusion in its web pages buttons connect to social networks and web services known as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Maps, Vimeo, Paypal, YouTube, etc. 

Several scrolling effects are added to those already existing in the dedicated pallet. They work on animations created in other Adobe application, Edge and Muse in slideshows. Slideshows that can be now fill the entire screen. This update is not reported by the general utility of Creative Cloud, you must start to see Muse and install it.

Monday 14 October 2013

Projects " Mighty and Napoleon" Adobe announced

With Mighty and Napoleon projects, Adobe wants to revolutionize the digital drawing with magic pen. The history of Digital has always been that the combination between virtual and real. As such, what could be more symbolic than inventions such as tablet or touch pen, who tried to imitate the use of a pen on a sheet of paper to free our imagination? However, as soon as we feel the need to scribble, we still prefer to use an ordinary pencil badly cut that the most powerful tablets!

This is why the creative software giant Adobe (known in particular for Photoshop) was floored for several months on the subject to invent the smart pen Mighty and Napoleon numerical rule , two innovations that could change the lives of creative. Mighty is a high-precision touch pen that stands out above all of its many competitors by its high accuracy. Indeed, sensors differentiate between the tip of the pen (writing) and fingers (which control additional functions: Delete, or go back etc.

Mighty and Napoleon
Moreover, Mighty leverages cloud computing and provides access to many tools, such as different types of lines and colors, as well as all of your own creations, regardless of the medium used. In short: scribble something on your Smartphone in the subway and the image will be available on any device connected to it with the push of a button! The other big news is Napoleon, a small strip which, when pressed on the tablet allows you to draw lines or perfect with a simple tap of the stylus curves.

As Mighty, Napoleon has a magical little button that provides access to its many options. The two objects, whose sophistication is matched only by the clean lines, communicate them to enrich the virtual design. You have to see it to believe it! Artists with the soul of a geek (or geek with an artist's soul, it depends) must wait until the first half of 2014 to test these two jewels of technology. Note that this is the first time that Adobe is trying to manufacture an electronic object. The next sign of artistic revolution thanks to digital technology!

Saturday 7 September 2013

Adobe Announces Creative Cloud bundle

Adobe will soon release a bundle Creative Cloud combining Photoshop and Lightroom CC. Called "Photoshop photography program", this offer is particularly target the photographers and graphic designers who had nothing to do with the full range of software included in the overall formula. For € 9.99 plus VAT per month, the customer will be entitled only to CC Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom CC and their future updates. It also includes 20GB of online storage, access to training resources and the portal Behance ProSite for presentation portfolio. This offer will be online as of from September 17; with the release of Lightroom 5.2 and it can be subscribed, with an annual commitment, before December 31. It will be limited to holders of a license at least CS3 Photoshop / Photoshop Extended. If you are already subscribed to Creative Cloud then it will be possible to change its registration to benefit from the cheaper formula, but subject to have an old Photoshop license. The owners of a license Lightroom, and only that are not qualified, however, to take advantage of this formula.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Adobe Premiere Pro CC v7.0.1

A month after its release, Adobe has updated Premiere Pro CC with version 7.0.1. In addition to bug fixes, the main novelty of this version 7.0.1 is to facilitate collaboration by allowing users to Premiere Pro and Prelude. Adobe Anywhere tool is to organize and streamline the capture and adding videos with a subscription of 24 60 € / month. To work together by exchanging data via Adobe Anywhere for video service. Later, at the end of the year, After Effects users should also be able to use this service. Adobe's video applications can be used by the project, with only one user at a time. But Now Adobe Anywhere allows multiple users to share the same resources like file, audio and video files, and edited sequences, metadata files to clarify the information and make quick searches placed in a database. The data are not placed locally in the computer hard drives of the creative team working on the video project: they are stored in a server that can be found in by the company which may in another city or another continent.

 The platform allows Adobe to share access to files and avoid conflicts when two users want to make changes had the same time on the same file and keep a history of changes. Adobe Anywhere platform is based on the Hub Anywhere Collaboration and the nodes using the Streaming Mercury Engine. This is supposed to allow the use of video files via internet in native resolution without loss of frames. It is no longer necessary to use low-resolution proxy. And we add the nodes, the more you can increase the workload and the number of users working together on a project. Mercury streaming algorithms should allow the transmission of real-time video streaming in, but it will require a decent connection to function properly. Specifically, Adobe Anywhere allows you to work on content placed on both local servers located at the other end of the planet with a computer that does not need to be a top model. When editing in Premiere Pro, the operations performed on movies such as positions, durations, blending mode etc are not calculated and performed locally in the user's computer.

 Instead, Adobe Anywhere will do perform all editing operations and reports directly from the remote server project. Premiere Pro does therefore need to send the actions that the user has done on movies streamed he received from the server, and display the result of assembly operations and made it comes from provided in the form of a streamed video. In other words, the editing software Premiere Pro 7.0.1 CC is confident to perform all tasks requiring high working power to the server, a user can simply turn on a MacBook Air as simple as a machine. For cons, the server side as data storage, it will take a minimum of professional equipment that can be a hindrance for very small structures. Bandwidth usage and servers have to predict the risk of a bottleneck and it will take a few months to see if the choices of technology Adobe are effective. One may well ask whether the lack of After Effects at the moment in Adobe Anywhere solution is not much difficult to manage due to the time calculations made which are much more numerous and complex than After Effects Premiere Pro, as soon as a project has a large number of layers and effects in power hungry as those requested by plug-ins, for example, Trapcode Particular and 3D Element. Adobe does not specify how Adobe Anywhere manages a group of users which one would make from time to time of installation work offline on a project: a weekend spent in the countryside, without an internet connection, for example. When the user reconnects to the Adobe platform Anywhere with a different version of the timeline compared to that found on the server, which has been changed in the meantime by other users, what will happen? If there are conflicts between two versions of a project, because it has been modified off line, what happens? What "cut" will be a priority? Adobe will require there to be online constantly to be able to use Premiere Pro with Anywhere? Similarly, the complete dependence on remote servers, and the risks of illegal intrusions could also be considered as an Achilles heel for large structures that reliability and safety are the essential bases. A remote server accessible online makes the connection reliability and redundancy solutions backups backup server that houses the media and the Adobe Anywhere platform even more essential.

 In a user working on a video project "old", each on his computer, in case of problems with one of them, only the data of the latter group are lost. But with Adobe collaborative solution, if the server and the Adobe platform Anywhere who are victims of an incident, all users in the group do not they may find themselves deprived of the project and media? It remains to be seen how promising the Adobe Anywhere platform keep its promises. If it does, this way of working much more collaborative would revolutionize the way many production companies and studios work. As Adobe said it would give less importance to the geographical proximity of members of the video project and the power of their computers and the artistic qualities of the team members, even if they live at the other end world.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Adobe Creative Cloud Is Available For Rent

As expected, Adobe sells from today the Creative Cloud successor to the Creative Suite offering. This new version abandons the boxed software or paid download in favor of new versions only available with a monthly subscription. As the editor explains on his blog, these new versions are also an opportunity to integrate hundreds of news. Adobe makes several advantages to the cloud which is now mandatory, including storing documents online (20 GB basic 100GB for trade services). To manage the synchronization of data and organize files, a new application appeared on your computer. With Creative Cloud, you can also synchronize the preferences of its software between computers, including Mac vs. your PC. The editor states that this software will evolve: term, Creative Cloud app should be real service synchronization with versioning to go back, but also the ability to share a folder with just a few users. These can comment shared and comments appear in the software elements. An iOS app is also provided to access files from a mobile device. Adobe has added other services to enrich its offering in the cloud. Integration with Behance a social sharing site which is dedicated to sharing creations and bought by the publisher last year is also made. We can send the work directly from the software that make up the suite in the cloud, with the advantage of automatically update the document when you edit on your computer. This service also allows you to quickly create an accessible like any portfolio site.

If you need training, Creative Cloud subscription provides access to hundreds of tutorials. The publisher announced that two hundred new features have been added to the database. Adobe also offers future full access to 700 Type kit fonts, you can see in this video integration service from Photoshop. Each software suite has been updated each time with dozens of new features, large and small. Not everything mentioned here, but Adobe has updated the various pages of the website with the novelties presented often with videos. Photoshop CC example, there dozens of new features including a new filter sharpness, ability to edit vector shapes (rounded rectangles in particular), the selection of multiple vector shapes or a dedicated tool to reduce tremors of a camera. For more information, please refer to this article which referred in detail these developments. Many new programs Illustrator CC with, among others, a more advanced text editing tool which manages each letter independently search module fonts and synchronization of fonts from Typekit, import multiple files at once and export CSS or color synchronization with iPhone application. Integrated into the Adobe cloud the Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition adds features to InDesign to create DC iPad applications.

The editor says that it is not necessary to type a single line of code to obtain a ready application to use. About this software, the publisher also mentions increased performance through the transition to 64-bit, a modernized and more consistent interface, management Retina screens, looking for fonts and the ability to select as favorites or creating QR codes. In another area, Premiere Pro CC improves too. Editing your video is more accurate with a revised timeline, the software makes it easier to find the original source files that make up your installation, you can control the audio more precisely, you can use the Apple ProRes and the engine has been revised with the OpenCL and CUDA to accelerate treatment management. If you create websites, Dreamweaver CC incorporates some new features, including an improved CSS editor to quickly create gradients or shadows, the ability to create websites responsive (automatically adapted to every screen size) faster or the integration of jQuery UI widgets or management CSS3 transitions.

For smaller needs, Muse DC also changing; Creative integration of cloud services including Behance, adding a parallax effect very fashionable to scroll (below) or the ability to change the site from the browser and sending the changes to the software. The Creative Cloud is only available with a monthly subscription; you cannot buy it once and use it for life. The editor has been simplified to maximize its fee schedule, even if Adobe should consider special cases, including businesses. This subscription does not mean that you need a permanent internet access. In fact, it will always download locally the software you want to use, Adobe says you can disconnect once it's done. The only constraint is a connection about month to verify that you can still use the Creative Cloud. If your subscription is no longer valid, the software will not work from that time. In return, you have free access to all the news while you remain subscribed.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Adobe Patches Security And Critical Vulnerabilities !

Adobe unlocks new versions of Flash Player and Air for various platforms. With the updates, the company includes a check to numerous critical vulnerabilities. With the May Patch Tuesday replaced the Adobe Flash Player version 11.7.700.169 through 11.7.700.202 version number (for Windows and Mac). Linux users also benefit from a patch, current version: The Google Chrome browser automatically receives the latest flash player version with the next update of its own. Windows 8 also ensures that Internet Explorer 10 with the next version of the program only receives the Flash Player updates. For users of an Android device is also (OS version 2.x, 3.x, 4.x) a patch is available. Adobe updates by eliminating numerous critical vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to inject malicious code. Likewise, the software maker for the platform-independent runtime environment Air patches. Here users of all platforms should perform the upgrade on the version Also, the SDK version (Software Developer Kit) gets missed an update. The Adobe Reader is available in versions 9, 10 and 11 in circulation - for all three there are updates. Once again vulnerabilities in its programs were known, Adobe decided to release updates for Adobe Reader, Flash Player & Co. at a fixed date. The choice fell on the second Tuesday of each month - that's Microsoft Patch Tuesday.