Monday 14 October 2013

Projects " Mighty and Napoleon" Adobe announced

With Mighty and Napoleon projects, Adobe wants to revolutionize the digital drawing with magic pen. The history of Digital has always been that the combination between virtual and real. As such, what could be more symbolic than inventions such as tablet or touch pen, who tried to imitate the use of a pen on a sheet of paper to free our imagination? However, as soon as we feel the need to scribble, we still prefer to use an ordinary pencil badly cut that the most powerful tablets!

This is why the creative software giant Adobe (known in particular for Photoshop) was floored for several months on the subject to invent the smart pen Mighty and Napoleon numerical rule , two innovations that could change the lives of creative. Mighty is a high-precision touch pen that stands out above all of its many competitors by its high accuracy. Indeed, sensors differentiate between the tip of the pen (writing) and fingers (which control additional functions: Delete, or go back etc.

Mighty and Napoleon
Moreover, Mighty leverages cloud computing and provides access to many tools, such as different types of lines and colors, as well as all of your own creations, regardless of the medium used. In short: scribble something on your Smartphone in the subway and the image will be available on any device connected to it with the push of a button! The other big news is Napoleon, a small strip which, when pressed on the tablet allows you to draw lines or perfect with a simple tap of the stylus curves.

As Mighty, Napoleon has a magical little button that provides access to its many options. The two objects, whose sophistication is matched only by the clean lines, communicate them to enrich the virtual design. You have to see it to believe it! Artists with the soul of a geek (or geek with an artist's soul, it depends) must wait until the first half of 2014 to test these two jewels of technology. Note that this is the first time that Adobe is trying to manufacture an electronic object. The next sign of artistic revolution thanks to digital technology!

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