Saturday 12 October 2013

Ring watch with inductive charging

ring watch

ring watch

ring watch
The Ring Clock by Gusztav Szikszai is worn on the finger and shows the time with the help of tiny LEDs, the current time when the wearer turns on the ring. It is charged by induction. The ring watch includes a plurality of LEDs that light up behind the numbers of the steel ring.

The clock consists of two bands with numbers together - one for the 24 hours and one for minutes. This is an unlabeled tape with circumferential points for the seconds. The “Ring Clock" is financed through many and has already achieved their goal of 287,000 U.S. for start the mass production. Meanwhile, interested parties have offered more than $ 340,000.

The clock will not show the time continuously but only when the person wearing the Ring turns on the ring. Then light up the exact time required for the display LEDs. A total of 144 pieces stuck in the ring, it should give the choice of blue or light orange color hence the person who owns the ring has the liberty to select the color of the led lighting.

 The ring is made of surgical grade stainless steel, and displays the time for one minute, when it is rotated. Inside sits a tiny lithium polymer battery of just 6 mAh. Loading the ring clock it charges the battery by induction on a Qi charger. The ring has to be placed on the pallet just 2 hours.

For making charger on and for setting the time the user needs to press the buttons on the unit and can be set as minutes and hours and stop the second hand. The battery charge will last for about one week. The battery is replaceable by the manufacturer.

This costs about $ 55 with shipping. Especially the small ring Clock is not of fixed size. The ring is available in various ring sizes - starting with an inner diameter of 15.7 mm to 23.83 mm. The inner circumference reaches as 49.3 to 74.8 mm. Thus, the clock will fit most fingers. The ring itself is supposed to be waterproof and cost $ 195. If everything goes smoothly, it can be delivered in the first quarter of 2014.

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