Wednesday 30 October 2013

Motorola Put On Do It Yourself Smartphone

Ara Project

Ara Project
At Smartphones touting solutions All- in-One, Motorola wants to make a different solution, which would leave the choice to the users to adjust their mobile at their convenience. Looks like a gamble? Isn’t it? Motorola has announced that one of its development teams, the "Ara Project” team was currently developing open hardware platform, designed to allow the creation of flexible Smartphones.

It is nothing but do it yourself Smartphone. From Motorola, you can select everything that you wanted to “do for the hardware that the Android platform has done for software." It's ambitious, but also risky: create a third ecosystem of hardware is not easy, although this decision may eventually allow, entering the Smartphone market versatile and customized to the extreme.

The user could have access to a Smartphone designed for its use, with features that deliberately selected at a price commensurate with his budget. Of course, the idea is not new, but it is currently found no real response from the general public. Maybe the strike force of Motorola, passed under the umbrella of Google, could allow it to perpetuate the idea? On our side, would you be willing to yield to the call of such a motive, shaped according to our needs and want?

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