Tuesday 15 October 2013

Revolutionary Technology: A denture cleans all of your teeth in six seconds!

Blizzident society
Since the invention of the electric toothbrush, it does not necessarily have noticed that technology has advanced a lot in this area! With 3D printing technology, a company has developed a brush you can clean the tooth enamel in only 6 seconds! A revolution in the world of oral hygiene!

Blizzident society, which includes dentists and engineers developed this new toothbrush that comes in the form of a denture and allow you to brush your teeth in 6 seconds. This is a record time and you know that you need to brush your teeth an average of 3 minutes each time. ''It cleans all the teeth and fully automatically - every time'' announces the brand.

Blizzident society
Using 3D printing, the company is able to provide you with a toothbrush molded from a scan of your teeth to fit perfectly to your teeth. Every hair of the brush touches and cleans the surface of your teeth at 45 degrees and even cleans your time upper and lower jaw. The pictures show and explain its simple operation. This technology is supposed to work for nearly one year; you have to spend € 222.

In total, the revolutionary brush will brush teeth and will save you up to 50 hours per year brushing up! Now the question is, you willing to spend about 220 € to save time. Some writers say they find that brushing teeth can sometimes be a chore and start to wonder if they will not invest in the toothbrush of a new kind. Imagine what we can do for 50 hours! Did you ever imagine that daily chore of 3 minutes is reduced to only 6 seconds using a simple device?

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