Wednesday 30 October 2013

Health Tracking Bracelet!

AIRO Wrist Band
There are already many connected devices that inform you live statistics on your health; bracelets, scales and others that allow you to know your heart rate at any time, analyze your sleep, etc. This prototype bracelet can do all these things but you can also make accurate account of your diet made! The various objects connected have appeared in our lives and it becomes inevitable now, it is now possible to know precisely a ton of data on your body and your health within your finger tip.

The data are all about your weight, heart rate your fatigue or to analyze your sleep. This is particularly the capability of the Jawbone UP wristband. But with this new prototype, you can enjoy all these data, in addition to having access to an analysis of your diet! This bracelet is the AIRO, which is created by the company Airo Health. This bracelet includes a mass spectrometer, a sensor that can detect and analyze the properties of light, and that makes it capable of measuring the caloric intake of each food you eat.

It uses different light spectra to look in your blood and thus detect small molecules, nutrients, which are released into the blood when food is ingested. A real innovation that will allow people to follow the calorie -conscious about their power not to have to write down every meal on their application or a journal specially created for this purpose. The data can then is connected to a Smartphone application or on a computer and allow you to analyze your lifestyle optimally.

According to the news correspondent, they built AIRO to help people to become more proactive about their health. By aggregating the data on the four pillars of health, AIRO remark recurrences in your behavior and shows you what you can do every day to lead a healthy life. This is the best opportunity to the people those who are health conscious to take control of their health in a way that was never possible before. These bracelet prices are ranging from 110 € to 145 €. And will be available in the market in the early 2014.

The bracelet Airo is currently only a prototype , but its functions are very promising ! Many in the drafting tried somehow to keep under control their lifestyle, and this unit may well help to better control what they eat. Others remain skeptical of this item but admit that it actually works they might have wanted to take their turn. Do you think devices that give us access to such information will allow us to really change our lifestyle?

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