Saturday 12 October 2013

Your Face Will Soon Appear In Google Ads

Google has changed its terms of use and today we learn that all users could soon see their faces as well as their names, people and brands they follow, and comments posted on a Google service appear in advertisements. Although Facebook is already using the same kind of process, this is not a reason to rejoice.

 This change in Google policy is effective November 11, 2013 and the new conditions page is displayed there in Google.

 "We made three changes: First, we clarified how your name and profile picture may appear in the Google products (including notices, advertising and other commercial contexts). You can control the display of your photo and your name in advertisements for the parameter on shared recommendations. Then we added a reminder about the safe use of mobile devices. And finally, we have added information on the importance of the confidentiality of passwords." Fortunately you can disable a setting immediately if you do not want your face appears everywhere on the web as a recommendation for your friends. To do this, simply go to the page titled “Recommendations shared" and uncheck the box (which is naturally selected by default ...) at the bottom.

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