Friday 18 October 2013

Oracle releases 127 security fixes, 51 for Java alone

Oracle releases security fixes

Oracle released a major security package that includes, 51 Java vulnerabilities among other things. Hence the experts strongly advise to update. Regularly new vulnerabilities appear in the Java Runtime Environment.

Some of them are extremely critical: Even the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology warns occasionally before using the software. More important is that the developers fill in the gaps as quickly as possible.

A new security package fixes 127 errors in Oracle products - only 51 of them relate to Java. The targets are almost all in applets or Web Start and Java Plug-in in your browser. The vulnerabilities can be exploited over the Internet - without you actually realizing it.

Therefore, it is particularly important to update Java. First check which version of Java is installed on your PC. Use to check the version of Oracle. With Java 7 Update 45 you are up to date with the latest versions which pluck the holes. Updates usually take over the Java Control Panel. There you can also set whether to automatically update Java in the future.

 The Control Panel is launched via the javacpl.exe in your Java installation bin directory. If you do not need Java to the remove or disabling of the program recommends. However, the software is used in many places: about booking of seats in the cinema or in the bank.

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