Sunday 20 October 2013

Google HummingBird and how it affects your website?

Google HummingBird
Google Humming Bird is the latest Google algorithm which gets released by Google. To celebrate Google’s birthday, Google has launched a new algorithm named as “HummingBird”. This HummingBird algorithm was released by Google on its birthday; but it was launched before one month itself. No one outside the Google ever knows about the change in the Google search Engine algorithm before it was officially announced.

The ultimate objective of this Google HummingBird algorithm is to provide a natural content to the users who’re searching over the search engines. Google latest HummingBird has almost reached the goal of implementing it. Finally Google algorithm has eliminated the keyword snuffing from the SEO techniques and other myths from the webmaster minds. Google offers various changes in the search engine results and it provides most user friendly results while searching through the Google Search Engines.

The various kinds of more complex search results has been processed by this algorithm and provides user friendly results to the user who’re using the search process. It understands the various queries from the user input and processes it to provide a natural way of result. It is a bigger change which lets the Google to step forward in the Internet History. After the launching of the Google HummingBird algorithm, the keyword snuffing has been completely eradicated from the SEO techniques. You can avoid the effects of Hummingbird by doing following actions;

1.  Providing Original contents: We all know original content plays an important role in improving the level of your website in the search engine result. If you have good contents in your website, then you never worry about the activities of the Hummingbird Algorithm. If you are providing original and valid contents you can easily improve the level of your website. Rather than using keywords in your contents, providing original contents will improve the level of your website in the search engine databases.

2.  Content is the King: Google Hummingbird mainly covers various criteria that is present in your website. It is totally not just matter of providing the contents on the basis of SEO techniques with proper keyword optimized paragraphs, headers and other links. You can provide original contents to the users and providing valid information will improve the level of readability to the users. The amount of sharing your website will increase when you were providing better content in your blog / website.

The launch of Google Hummingbird has improved the standard of search engine query processing and it has severe impact over the Internet Marketing Companies; Hummingbird has made the Google to process the queries given by the users and it understand the various meaning of the queries given by the users and analyze it according to the meaning and provide proper results to the user. It scans the question markers, conditionals and other referents present in the user queries and provides appropriate results according to the scanned input values.

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