Wednesday 2 October 2013

Some of the Great Ecommerce Sites

In the Beginning

In the old days of the World Wide Web, lots of companies sprung up trying to get in on what was described as the Promised Land for business, which was trading online. The naivety of the people funding these new sites based on the back of an envelope prediction of self styled experts, the value of these companies shot up creating an absurd stock market bubble which actually took into account that these companies weren’t actually expecting to make any money. And when that happened, reality set in, the bubble burst and sensible people split their sides laughing.

After Reality Bit

Nowadays, companies have to behave properly and create a business plan the same as anyone else who wants to do business. They have to do other things that offline businesses do too, such as look attractive to entice people in, carry goods that people want to buy at a price they want to pay.
They also have to provide a high level of service including acceptable response times while browsing, easy shopping cart management.
The way they treat their customers in terms of quick delivery and dealing with complaints fairly and with consideration must also be a big consideration because bad reputations can be made quickly and be widespread all too easily.
Follow some of these ecommerce website design examples, and you’ll be well on your way.

Great Examples

Amazon: The benchmark, they offer a massive catalogue of products across the range on a clean, easily navigated site. The checkout is clear, simple and can be manipulated to get the best deal on delivery.
iTunes: Apple made it possible to buy a single song where the customer didn’t want to buy the album, long after the single (if it was one) was deleted from the catalogue. It’s easy, payment is taken from the card that goes with the account and delivery is instant.
Argos: Well known as a catalogue store on the high street, the Argos website allows users to find all their products online, pay easily and pick it up from their nearest store if they don’t want to wait for delivery. They have also embraced all their web features on a phone app meaning that customers can use it anywhere.
Cybercandy: This is a proper niche site, offering sweets and chocolate from around the world . Whether indulging in the tastes of you childhood favourites or seeing what children around the globe are rotting their teeth on, it’s fun, easy to navigate and offers a superb range of products to frighten any dentist.
I Want One of Those: Dealing in toys and gadgets, they are long established in providing things you don’t need but can’t do without.
They offer an ever changing catalogue of great fun things that any overgrown (predominantly you suspect) schoolboy could wish for.
They used to offer an ex-Czech air force jet fighter trainer for around £150,000, but they must have sold out of those as they don’t have it anymore.
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