Sunday 6 October 2013

Motion detection Start up “Flutter” acquire by Google

“The Flutter” California startup has developed a technology with gestures to control popular applications like YouTube and Netflix through a webcam. This technology is now owned by Google. The gesture recognition or movements can be decoded by the computer. Microsoft already uses this technology for its gaming console via the Kinect sensor.

But this area have a greater technology hence Google also have much interest in this. The Web giant has acquired Flutter for an undisclosed sum. The latter has developed gesture recognition technology to control popular applications using gestures. These are captured by a webcam and then interpreted by the software.

Among compatible with the Flutter technology that can supported on Mac and Windows applications, including Pandora account, Grooveshark, Netflix and YouTube and also in Google video platform. With this acquisition, Google could push the development of Flutter towards including Chrome and Android. This is not currently speculation as Google, nor the management team Flutter, has wanted to discuss the future of these technologies in the Mountain View Company and its products.

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