Monday 14 October 2013

3 technologies which are all set to revolutionize the world

google glass
There are so many discoveries which have been introduced in the world of technology in the past few years. They are revolutionizing the world by bringing the change among the people in this globe. Various advancements in the technology involve cloud computing, Smartphone, tablets and so on. These advancements has changed the life style of the people and brought a severe change in the technology. Advancement of technology changes with time to time; if you were thinking about the past one, then you cannot enjoy the real technology changes around you. These advancements have changed the world and make a better place in the future part.

In this post, you can get information about the latest technology that around you in the real world;

Google Glass: 

Google glass is a latest advancement in the technology which actually lets you enjoy the real enjoyment. With the help of the Google glass, you can easily access various level of visualization through your glass. By using Google glass, you can access your data, you can access your social media, and you can also read documents through the Google glass. You can even navigate through the Google glass to your destination. The co founder of Google has made the demo of the Google glass to the people in the technology era. The Google glass is only selling to the some of the developers around the globe for 1500$.

FireFox Os:

firefox os
The android and IOs are playing dominant role in the mobile operating systems; most of the devices are manufactured with the android operating system which makes it to go higher. The apple has its own uniqueness and which cannot be provided in any other operating system. But both of them have its own rules and regulations. User cannot use them as their wish since the operations systems were made of various rules and regulations. This stimulates the Mozilla to create a brand new operating system for the choice of user. So they started to develop their own operating system from the scratch and it will mainly concentrate on the needs o the users. The main objective of this operating system is to develop a unique operating system which is dedicated to the needs of the user needs. This Firefox operating system has made from the open source platform and it contains web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5 in order to enhance the capabilities of the users and the operating system.

Form 1

form 1
This is a digital designing technology which allows you to perform 3D printing over the sturdy products for the real life. The invention of three dimensional printers brought down a change in the technology. Form 1 is a 3D technology printer which allows you to create a prototypes structure over the materials; it is a luxurious one but the effect produced by the Form 1 was an awesome master piece. You can get this product for the cost of 2799$ in the market. The form 1 is also used to create a prototypes for various products for scientific researches.

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