Friday 4 October 2013

A SmartWatch "Google Nexus Gem"

According to sources Google is working on a SmartWatch called “Nexus Gem” and wants to show this with "Android 4.4 KitKat” on October 31. Rumors that Google is working on a SmartWatch have been around for quite some time. So long been haunting a concept video through the Internet, which is from the T3 Gadget portal and can be seen in which, as Google's SmartWatch could one day look like. An official comment from Google is waiting.

As with the Google matters very familiar Android Police now reports via Google+ , And he mentions that the name may be Google Gem or Nexus Gem and you just imagine How it will be till October 31st on which date Google may announce Public. On the Clock the latest Android 4.4 (codenamed KitKat) run . Smart Watches are currently traded next big thing. With “Pebble” a start-up has already achieved success, but recently Samsung introduced its "Galaxy Gear". According to rumors, Apple also working on its own, with iOS -powered wristwatch called the “iWatch “.

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